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Twilight Beauty

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New Year Kiss Collection

Bella Beauty Set

It’s the New Year Kiss Collection!  I think its ultra fabulous and not to mention a steal. The price is $50 with a value of $74, so you are saving some cash! This set includes: Femme FataleLip Gloss in Surrender and Butterfly Kisses, Just Bitten Staining Balm in Blush, and the infamous lip-plumping Twilight Venom.

The Bella Beauty Set has everything you need to be Edward Cullen or Jacob Black’s main squeeze Bella Swan. The set includes: a Bella Color Palette, Bella Body Mist, and the iconic Twilight Venom. The set retails for $40 with a value of $62.

I think this is a very clever line of cosmetics, even if some of our younger readers aren’t able to wear makeup yet, a lot of the items like my favorite so far is the Volturi Enrapture lip gloss in arsenic(sadistic i know lol), comes in a sheer colorless shade mom & dad shouldn’t have an issue with that right?   I also like how they continue to add new items to the line, like this New Year Kiss collection.  Also there’s some interesting information about the different brands of Twilight Beauty, check out the Twilight Beauty behind the brands page.



Volturi Make Up Kit

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Twilight New Moon Volturi Makeup Kit
New Moon Volturi Makeup Kit
How cool is this set?  For all you last minute shoppers, one of my favorite stores, Hot Topichas unveiled the latest from the Volturi beauty line.  You can recreate Jane’s look with the help of this makeup set that includes: body shimmer, an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, duo lip gloss, two nail polishes, sharpener, and a brush.You all know I’m obsessed with the Volturi, how cool would it be own one of these! I already own a couple of the lip gloss, which are great.  Check out some more of the Volturi line as well:

Twilight New Moon Volturi - Obsess - Enrapture Lip Gloss
Volturi – Obsess – Enrapture Lip Gloss
Twilight New Moon Volturi - Bella - Reign Scented Body Mist
Volturi – Bella – Reign Scented Body Mist
Twilight New Moon Volturi - Hot Fuchsia - Labyrinth Eye Shadow
Volturi Hot Fuchsia Laybrinth Eye Shadow
Twilight New Moon Volturi - Arsenic - Enrapture Lip Gloss
Volturi – Arsenic – Enrapture Lip Gloss

‘New’ New Moon Clip!!!

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OMG! The clips cant stop pouring in!

Jamie Campbell strikes a pose.

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DNP Random Things

New Moon vampire Jamie Campbell Bower vamps it up for the latest issue of VMAN Magazine and dishes about why he’ll be wearing gold teeth and how he got into acting.

The actor, who first burst on the scene in Sweeney Todd, has spent much of his movie career doing characters in costume (on top of being in the Twilight world, he’ll also play a dark wizard in the next Harry Potter film).

Though he one day looks forward to being in “jeans and a t-shirt” for a role, his next project requires more make-believe.

“I play a guy with dreadlocks and gold teeth,” he laughed.

As for his big break? He attended the Sweeney Todd audition as practice and ended up getting the role. “That was pretty sick!”

Volturi Featurette

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Yes, the Twilight Saga: New Moon UK Fan Party is happening on November 11th and the chance to win tickets via ballot is now open!

The event, which will take place live at Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park, London, will feature appearances by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and director Chris Weitz, who will all be wearing scream-resistant ear protectors throughout.

And it’s not just the stars and the man who helped bring them back to the screen – there will be music from bands featured on the soundtrack.

Under 14s must bring a boring old parent who just doesn’t understand along with them, or their even more excited mum who fancies a chance to reach out for the hair of R-Patz herself.

Head on over to the official site for more details.

You’ll also find info on various social networking sites, including the Facebook pages for Team Edward and Team Jacob and the film’s official site.

Oh, and if you weren’t already in a Twilght frenzy from the ticket opportunity, there’s a new featurette about the Volturi to enjoy…


Jackson Rathbone Interview

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MTV has another new interview with Jackson Rathbone. Jackson talks about his new favorite characters in New Moon, what the cast does while not filming and how Jasper is evolving as a character as he filmed Eclipse. We also have a video where Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser and Jackson Rathbone comment on Aro and the Volturi. Check out more below:

MTV:Out of the new characters joining the franchise for “New Moon,” which is your favorite?Jackson Rathbone: My favorite character in “New Moon” that wasn’t in “Twilight”? I guess my favorite character in “New Moon” is a collective — the Volturi. It’s one of those things that’s really nice to see, these decadent older vampires that run this vampire society, if you will. I think they’re an amazing group of actors that we were able to get for the film, and they are very scary and intimidating. They’re all perfect — I mean, Dakota Fanning is a terrifying Jane; absolutely terrifying.


MTV: You guys have all spent so much time together over the last few years. When the cameras stop rolling on set, what do you guys talk about?

Rathbone: Between takes? We just kinda talk about regular things, you know. We’re all normal people — we’re not vampires in real life. Between takes, we’re talking about music we like or what we plan to do once the filming is done. I always bring my guitar with me, and my harmonica, and Nikki Reed, Rob and Kristen, and a lot of the cast are very musically inclined. So, a lot of times we’ll just be jamming between takes, to blow off some of the emotional intensity and have a little fun.

MTV: As the “Saga” moves along, do you feel more or less like your character?

Rathbone: More or less like Jasper? You know, I honestly think, it’s more of a Jasper I imagined coming into the first “Twilight.” Mainly because I’m able to show my backstory in “Eclipse,” where people get to see what really drives Jasper in “Twilight,” which you don’t really understand. This character, he’s always in pain, and [people ask], “Why?” and, “What is his reasoning?” He’s had a really dark past, and it follows him around. So, it was really nice to be able to get into those moments, so that explains and informs the way I’ve been performing through “Twilight” and “New Moon.”

MTV: There is so much “Twilight” merch out there now. Do you own any in real life?

Rathbone: Any “Twilight” merchandise in real life? I’ve not [purchased any]. However, my bandmate Ben Graupner bought a Jasper pillowcase with my face on it. I had to ritualistically burn it, because it was scaring me.

Read more here.

Twilighters Anonymous

Kellan’s Expresses Love 4 Volturi Boys

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