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Robsten Skipping VMA’s Red Carpet

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Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Marion Curtis/PictureGroup

Leave it to Kanye West to steal New Moon‘s thunder. After the rapper rudely interrupted the adorable Taylor Swift onstage at last night’s show, ‘ye’s outburst was all anyone could talk about. Probably the only people that were mildly OK with that were Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, because it totally took all the heat off them.

Like we predicted last week, PDA between Robsten was kept at a minimum (aside from what was briefly snapped above, too cute). And while we were fairly certain Rob would be a no-show on yesterday’s red carpet, Kristen skipped out, too.

Poor Taylor Lautner not only had to present two awards, but he was the Twilight castmember directed to walk the carpet and handle most of the press (Robsten questions not permitted, of course). Geez, this poor kid is really working for his New Moon paycheck, huh?

So why were Rob and Kristen hiding out? Maybe because even more on-set sources are coming to us, confirming that the two are very much together.

A production insider who works super close with Robsten dishes, “Yes indeed, they are a couple.”

How much longer does the AT need to keep yelling this from the Hollywood rooftops? For those doubters out there, we will continue.

“Rob and Kristen do not even show public displays of affection in front of their friends because they do not want to be talked about. The only time you see them being affectionate towards one another is when they are doing a scene together,” dishes our in-the-know pal up in Vancouver. “Aside from that, one could still assume they are just friends, and that is what they want outsiders to continue believing.”

Uh, sorry, R & K,we love ya, but you really aren’t fooling anyone!

Our production spy also reiterates just how much the entire Twilight cast is under über-strict rules to keep their traps shut about anything going on between R.Pattz and K.Stew. Everyone on set and in the films are forbidden to talk with friends, family, the public and obviously the press about anything Robsten.

While trusty Deep Twi insists that Rob and Kristen are finding time to be together and are very happy in their relaysh, our other source totally confirms all that, too.

“They love spending time together and want to stay out of the press as much as possible. They’re trying to have a normal relationship.”

As much as we all wish we could see a little more Robsten lovin’, the best chance they have at a successful romance is to continue doing exactly what they are doing…which is staying friggin’ private as hell. Even if it sadly means dodging carpets to do so. They all know what questions are coming, and also know the whole “no, we’re just friends” line would never work anymore.

Good thing they still have a month to figure out their public dating game plan before major New Moon promotion starts up, ’cause they sure as hell can’t dodge us forever!



Taylor Lautner Interview

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‘No Advice Needed’

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281x211The extended trailer for “New Moon” made its big debut, and Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were on hand to premiere it.

Before Lautner headed into the show though, he stopped to speak to MTV News about the trailer, which features him shirtless much of the time.

“I think they might start crying,” he guessed about what he thought might be the fans’ reaction to seeing him as werewolf Jacob Black running around with his wolf pack.

But Lautner isn’t the only one Twilighters got an eyeful of in the trailer — Robert Pattinson also appears sans shirt. And Lautner insists that if the two were to compete in some kind of shirt-off, the competition would be stiff. “I don’t know [who would win]. Rob, he’s getting some muscle,” he explained. “There’s some good competition.”

Lautner famously had to pack on the muscle to reprise his role as Jacob. So we wondered if Pattinson has been seeking advice from him on how to bulk up. “No, he definitely doesn’t need any pointers at all,” Lautner joked. “He’s got it covered.”

In addition to talking about all things “New Moon” trailer, Lautner opened up about what it’s been like on-set for the movie’s sequel, “Eclipse.” “Yes it’s a lot of fun,” he said. “I think we’re, like, a month in, so it’s exciting to be back with our new director David Slade and back with the whole team again.”

Slade is the third director to helm a “Twilight” flick, and Lautner admits that he’s got a whole new dark take on the saga. “It’s been good. He’s a lot different, but I think he’s going to add a cool taste to the movie,” he explained. “It might be a little darker.”

And Lautner thinks Slade will take the action in this flick, which involves a lot of battling, to the next step. “I feel like the action level is stepping up each and every film. ‘New Moon’ definitely has a lot more [action] than ‘Twilight,’ and I feel like Eclipse is bumping it up another level,” the actor said.

Sure, Lautner is cool with the films going in that direction. But he’s not so cool with the fact that he doesn’t get to partake in that action as much as he would like in “Eclipse.” “We’re at war the whole time or most of the time. I think it’s going to be pretty good but it’s a bummer ’cause I’m a wolf the whole time, so it’s not actually me getting to do my action. … But you’ll be able to see the cute fuzzy wolf.”

And what does he think of that wolf? Well, that jury of one is still out. “I’m not sure yet! I think I’ve got to watch it a couple more times,” he joked.


VMA 2009 Vids

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Taylor & Ashley

Ashley & Kristen

Backstage Most Popular

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VMA may be way over but guess who was the most popular among the backstage contingent??

That would be “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson, who must be used to being the center of attention no matter where he is. But following his presentation of the “New Moon” trailer with castmates Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, he was able to retire backstage for a few moments of silence, sipping a beer and nodding his head to Beyoncé’s killer performance. No matter where you were standing — onstage, in the dressing rooms, in the audience or on your couch at home — the 2009 Video Music Awards provided enough great moments to tide you over until the 2010 show.


Reaction of Twilighters!!

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281x211Cullens and Volturi and Felix, oh my! As every Twilighter worth their “Bite Me, Edward” T-shirt knows, the latest and greatest “New Moon” trailer was unveiled at the Video Music Awards tonight — and as quickly as you can say, “So, you’re an adrenaline junkie now?” the overwhelmingly “OME!” reactions began reverberating all over the Internet.

“NEW MOON FOOTAGE at VMAs….OMG!” enthused @relaymom0314 on Twitter, moments after the trailer was unveiled. “AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for November!!!!!!”

Looking over the “New Moon” trending topic, it was hard to find anything negative about the two-minute clip. “It. Was. Wonderful.” wrote @amyphotog. “Love New Moon.”

Added @gloriazemingui, “Lmao, my bucket list includes to see New Moon!”

Perhaps the only negative in the eyes of the fans was all the footage that Twilighters saw but couldn’t remember reading in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel. “Wtf was the new moon trailer about,” asked @jayceekah. “Half that stuff doesnt even happen, those sneaky basterds.”

@nikki_nick00 agreed: “New Moon rocks!!!!!!!!!! But they totally added a lot of scenes that I dont remember reading.”

Of course, moments after we premiered the trailer, it went live at, and Twilighters weighed in on our patented shot-by-shot analysis with their own thoughts. “I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” wrote hpmommie97. “I think that Kristen really brings Bella to life this time! Again I can’t flippin wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Our sister blog, Hollywood Crush, lives and dies with “Twilight,” much like Bella could never survive without Edward. It’s no surprise, then, that passionate fans began praising the trailer over there immediately.

“Love the preview!” wrote Flare. “Especially the indication of Bella’s pain.”

“OME, THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to see the movie!!” agreed the appropriately named Bella, clearly having the night of her life. “This has to be my favorite trailer so far!!”

And AngeLaCullen echoed, “It’s awesomeeee ! It’s perfect!”

Our favorite comment of the night, however, may just belong to Twitter user @MargeFarge: “New moon trailer blew away Kanye’s dumbassyness!”


Marc Malkin tweets about Robsten.

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