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More Vanity Fair shots of The Pretty.

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RPattz Early Struggle

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RPattz Talks To Vanity Fair

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The young actor who claims to have lived out of the same three suitcases for the past year sat down with Evgenia Peretz from Vanity Fair at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel.  In the all new Vanity Fair interview out later this week, Peretz did something that few interviewers have done with star Robert Pattinson.  She was able to catch a glimpse of the real Rob who apologized for his unmade bed saying, “Oh, God.  Sorry about that.”  Get ready for an intimate interview with Robert Pattinson who addresses rumors about Kristen Stewart, talks about his fans, and opens up about the doubts many felt when he was first cast for Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Under the direction of photographer Bruce Weber, Pattinson channeled his inner prep for the all new December issue of Vanity Fair out later this week.  The famed photographer teamed up with the The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) movie star in a twelve page spread which will be a hot seller for Vanity Fair.  Inside the pages of VF, Pattinson addressed the relationship rumors between him and costar Kristen Stewart, talks about the instant fame that came with Twilight (2008), and the reaction to the worldwide doubt when he was first cast.

Until later this week, the issue is being kept under wraps and little information is leaking from inside the story.  However, we were able to score some information from the secretive pages of Vanity Fair.  For the first time publically, Pattinson is trying to clear the air regarding the dating rumors and says they are only that, rumors.  “It doesn’t make any difference what you say [to the tabloids].  I’ve literally been across the country [from Kristen], and it’s like ‘Oh, they were on secret dates!’  It’s like ‘Where? I can’t get out of my hotel room!'”

Robert Pattinson has a great job, good friends, and a plethora of women begging to be with him, however he still seems insecure about certain things.  In the new VF interview, the actor opens up about being, “unbearably self-conscious about stuff,” thinks he looks like “a cartoon character” and even claims that one of his legs is longer than the other.  That is all you’re getting out of the VF interview so you must wait until the twelve page spread hits newsstands or the web later this week.  If you are living in Los Angeles or New York, pick up your hardcopy on November 4th — the issue will be available nationally and online at on November 10.


Swooning Over Rob

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New pictures from Robert Pattinson’s Vanity Fair photo shoot. I don’t really think much more is needed to be said really. Just absolutely breath taking and amazing!

Check out my 3 favs after the break!

Robward after he heard about my secretive love for Jacksper … sorry babe! LOL


I made it up to him by making his fav meal I never thought that beer and corn on the cob could be so sexy! ShamWow!


Finally .. my absolute favorite picture ……. OME .. leaving after I made it up to him … again


You can check out the rest of the smokin’ hot pictures over at Lion_Lamb!


Kellan Lutz Interview

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Vanity Fair has just posted a great little interview with Twilight Saga film star Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen, where he talks about book trading and recommendations among the cast on set, how much the cast ‘leans’ on one another and what they do to rev themselves up before a scene, what he thinks of New Moon the film (he’s seen it!), and much more. Check it all out below:

What’s the one thing that has changed in your life since Twilight came out?I’ve never been so busy in my life. I’ve never gotten my frequent flyer miles so high that I feel like I can travel around the world for free. I’ve been on a plane every weekend trying to come back to L.A. to see my dog. I feel like I’ve been so blessed to be working, but everything I shoot is out of L.A., so I don’t really have too much time to spend with my number one love: my puppy. (She’s not really a puppy—she’s five—but she’s close to my heart.) We have so much press stuff that we get to do—I love doing the conventions and meeting the fans. November’s going to be pretty crazy, what with being on a plane every day, landing, appearances, flying to another city that night … It’s a roller coaster.


How do you guys cope with all of this?

We all have our passions that we enjoy. Rob and Jackson will bring their guitars everywhere. As long as you have that passion where you can just disappear and be normal, feel normal, bring your iPod or favorite books, and just do the things that you would do when Twilight wasn’t around—that’s all keeping us who we are. We’re all really blessed, and we’re humble and down to earth, anyway.

Do you find that as a cast you’re leaning on each other even more?

Yeah, definitely. It’s one of those things where we kind of are this family, especially going through all this. We’re all going on this insane adventure and fantasy as an actor with Twilight, and it’s nice to do it with someone. We’re all friends, which is nice, so we can all go out to dinner, have a great time, relax, play games, go out to concerts. Kings of Leon have been up here, Jason Mraz … It’s nice to disappear and do stuff together. All of our friends are back home, and we try to have our friends come up here and hang out. But realistically it’s kind of tough to do that, so it’s nice to havethe cast members to count on. That’s the great thing about this franchise—we hopefully get to look forward to making all of the books, so you never have to really say goodbye [to each other] like you do with other projects. You get to say, “See you soon,” or, “See you in L.A.” We get to pick up where we left off.

How do the Cullens rev each other up before shooting a scene?

We really have everything down. We dissect it through rehearsals before we go about it. When we’re on set, we kind of joke around, and when we’re rehearsing, we change up the scenes and make each other laugh. We lighten up the mood. The blooper reel is going to be amazing on New Moon.

Is there going to be a blooper reel?

Hopefully. They probably have more material for the blooper reel than they have movie material. (Laughs)

What scenes have been the most fun to shoot?

Well, the scenes that the Cullens are in are very crucial and epic. The scenes in New Moon are very close to the book. What we Cullens deal with—like the birthday scene—are very crucial for the audience; they’re going to be there with us. They’re all my favorites, but particularly Jackson, when he turns bloodthirsty in the birthday scene.

Have you seen New Moon yet?

Yeah, I love it. Chris Weitz did an amazing job, and I love the werewolves. There’s so much action, and I’m an action junkie, so the wolves really do a great job. Taylor [Lautner] is amazing. He’s a movie star. Fans are going to see this over and over again because of what he brings to the movie.

To read the full interview with Kellan from Vanity Fair, click here.

Twilighters Anonymous

RPattz New Vanity Fair Shoot

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These are new pictures of Robert Pattinson from the upcoming December issue of Vanity Fair.


On Set With Ashley Greene

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ashley-greene1.jpgAshley Greene. Photograph courtesy Patrick McMullan Co.

Direct from the set of Twilight: Eclipse, caught up with Ashley Greene (aka “Alice Cullen” in the Twilight saga) to discuss filming the upcoming New Moon, cast reunions, and how becoming a vampire has changed her life. So you’re in Vancouver right now on the set of Eclipse

Ashley Greene: I am. I just got to set! It’s an hour drive every day, really pretty; we’re way out in the middle of nowhere.

What are you filming today?

There’s a lot of action in this [movie], a lot of fight-sequence choreography. Me, Nikki [Reed], and Kellan [Lutz] are working today, and we’re doing another installment of the fight sequences. We’re doing a section of the huge vampire/Cullen/wolf/newborn battle.

What’s it like working with different directors on the same character?

At first, it’s a little difficult; it’s a lot of give and take. Everyone’s different and has their own take on it, but it’s been pretty good. You have to sit down and go, “This is what I’ve been doing, this is why I feel this way,” and you have to take suggestions. Basically, it’s about communication, and it hasn’t been a problem yet.

Your role as Alice Cullen becomes more significant as the series continues. What was your experience filming New Moon?

It was incredible, and I think the timing was right. I’m glad that [my role] wasn’t that big in the first one because I was wide-eyed and nervous. By the second one, I had the time to fully develop this character, and I’m really comfortable with Alice Cullen now. It’s going to be sad to be done with it. I was really excited when I read the script because I had, of course, read the book and you never know how they’re going to translate it, how it’s going to read, and filming it was great. Chris [Weitz, the director] was awesome.

Have you seen the finished film yet?

I got to see it a month ago. I’m really happy … I’m really excited about it. When we saw it, it was completely unfinished. It was one of the first cuts, and it looks really good. The first thing that went through my head was, “Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful!” The way that it’s shot … Javier, our D.P., he did such a beautiful job. We all look really, really good!

How much does it differ from the first film?

It’s more dangerous; it’s darker in the costumes, scenery, and tone. The Volturi come in, and they definitely make them look scary. I think that’s why the lighting was so important; it was key. A good part of it is in Italy …

What was it like filming there?

Incredible. I want to go back! We were in the countryside—you could take a picture and it was a postcard. The place that we stayed in was private, seven villas, and the people who owned it cooked us breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and were just really cool. Even going to work where we were filming—there weren’t built sets—it was crazy to be able to go into these incredibly old, gorgeous buildings. What was going through my head was, “People actually live here … I would like to live here!”


What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Driving the Porsche was really fun. [Laughs] I got to drive it up these tiny, cobblestone roads having to deliver lines. I’m actually proud that I did it and didn’t crash! But filming one of the first scenes, where Alice throws this party and Bella gets a paper cut, was really fun because we were all there. During [New Moon] it was basically me and four or five other cast members. The Cullen family was really only there for a week. It was nice because we started out with coming back, reuniting, and seeing everyone again … and we got to see Jasper in action.

Read the rest of the interview here.