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Characters Images

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Eclipse images

Summit Entertainment has just sent over a new character images from the new Twilight film Eclipse.



A Plea For Haiti From Tinsel Korey

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Editor’s Note: In response to the crisis in Haiti, the world’s top stars are coming together tonight for MTV’s “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon. “Twilight” actress Tinsel Korey was eager to help in any way she could. Now, in an exclusive piece written for MTV, Tinsel gives us her thoughts on why everyone — famous or not — should watch the show, make a donation, and help those in Haiti who need our assistance. Check back after the show for Tinsel’s second column, talking about the most memorable moments of the evening.

Why should I donate? I don’t know anyone in Haiti. Those are things people might be saying to themselves.

People were wondering why I’ve been trying so hard to help out with this telethon. I don’t know anyone in Haiti personally. The only relation I have to Haiti is from listening to Wyclef’s music for years; the vibrancy in his beats and the poetic sounds of his words have always captured a part of my soul. Haiti, from what I’ve read and heard, has long been a place of struggle. So it’s more heartbreaking to think that in an instant, it has become even harder.

Many thousands of people are believed to have died in last week’s earthquake, and thousands more were injured. Governments have sent in aid from all over the world, but it’s still not enough. Then the aftershocks hit, more buildings came down, and more people were hurt. Many of us watched, feeling helpless as image after image and video after video flashed before our eyes. So what can you do?

Donating money can help get medical supplies, food and shelter to people who are without the basic necessities. As a global society, it is our job as human beings to help one another in times of struggle and times of need. Haiti needs us — right now.

To help, you can donate to Hope for Haiti Now:

» Online:
» Phone: (877) 99-HAITI
» Text: Text “GIVE” to 50555
» Mail: Hope for Haiti Now Fund, Entertainment Industry Foundation, 1201 West 5th Street, Suite T-700, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Remember that anything you can do — as small as it may seem — will help people who are desperately in need.


Kellan Lutz & Tinsel Korey Helping Out Haiti

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Yesterday, two The Twilight Saga: New Moon stars answered the call for Haiti earthquake relief by participating in the “Teens for Jeans” campaign which co-star Ashley Greene promoted a few days ago.

Those two were Tinsel Korey and Kellan Lutz, and Korey and Yazzie from Eye Behold Photography shared a few pictures of the event on Twitter last night.

“Teens for Jeans” shifted its campaign focus after the events in Haiti and are now working to provide relief for the victims of that disaster.

In addition to donating her own jeans for the cause, Korey has also taken up the opportunity to act as an online correspondent for MTV’s “Hope for Haiti” campaign.

About her meeting with Kellan Lutz, she said “What a nice guy.” Korey has also been diligent in activating her co-stars for the cause, even reaching out to Chaske Spencer about the matter.

Way to step up guys!

UPDATE: Check out Tinsel Korey’s statement on Haiti here!


New Moon Stars To Be Artist On Demand Radio

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Mark those calendars, Twilighters! Starting on Monday and continuing again on Tuesday, Artists On Demand will have three Twilight Saga: New Moon film actors on their show. They will kick things off on Monday with Charlie Bewley (Demetri) on air and then on Tuesday they will have both Tinsel Korey and Chaske Spencer on air together. Check out full details and times below:

• Monday, January 25th @ 10PM EST – Charlie Bewley• Tuesday, January 26th @ 9pm EST – Tinsel Korey AND Chaske Spencer (together for the first time)

Visit the Artists on Demand radio page here.

The hosts of Artists on Demand will also be taking calls from fans, so if you have a burning question for Charlie, Tinsel, and/or Chaske, you can call in during either show at the following number for your chance to speak with them: (347) 884-9941 (*and Press 1).


Tinsel Korey Singing

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A couple of days ago, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Tinsel Korey mentioned an upcoming live show she was to be performing with Stevie Salas (and, later, Marcus Curiel from POD).

Tonight, a couple of videos from that performance were issued (via Eye Behold Photography), and they look great!

The songs performed in the video set are “Rainy City” and “Letter,” and the show, “Arbor Live” will have the full performance.

More information about Arbor Live, including where to watch (and where to find episode videos) is available here.

In the meantime, check out the snippets of Tinsel Korey’s music!


Tinsel Korey Active With The Quileute Community

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Tinsel Korey

The lovely Tinsel Korey (“Emily Young” in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) has been very active in the Quileute Nation community over the past few months.

In September, she went to visit with the children of the Quileute Tribal School to impart wisdom upon those interested in pursuing the arts.

After doing so, she said, “I love and care about the kids so much.”

With the promise of continued involvement with the children of the Native American community, Korey recently sponsored a successful coat drive to benefit the Navajo children and a photographic autograph session for the Quileute Tribal school children.

Each student at the school received a personalized autographed photo from Tinsel on the last day of school before Christmas break.   “Tinsel autographed the photos after her visit in the fall for each student and I wanted to them to receive them for a special occasion, states Jackie Jacobs.  ‘I thought it would be a special treat for them to receive them for Christmas!”

“I was moved to tears when she requested the student list from Stephanie at the front desk of the Tribal School and when she proceeded to write each students name on her photo I actually did cry knowing how much that would to mean to the kids”, says Jacobs.


Tinsel Korey’s Stills In Stained

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Check out these new movie stills of Tinsel Korey (aka Emily) in the new thriller movie Stained.  According to IMDb, Stained is  “An intense thriller about a lonely bookseller’s obsessive love affair, and her protective best friend, who alone knows the horrible truth about her obsession.”