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PFach Talks Eclipse & BD

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Peter Facinelli, Robert Pattinson
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

We had the chance to chat with Peter Facinelli at Sunday’s Milk & Bookies fundraiser, where he blabbed about Robsten‘s on-set presence. He may have been vague about Twilight‘s true love story, but he did dish some deets about Breaking Dawn, Eclipse and whether his kiddies have read the Twilight series.

The Cullen family papa attended the event with his wife, Jennie Garth, and three daughters in tow, but, despite recently dropping the bomb that she’s leaving 90210, J.G. got to sit back while reporters bombarded her hottie hubby in a chaotic interview.

As Marc Malkin revealed in his latest video blog, Peter kept his lips zipped when it came to any news of splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies, shrugging it off by saying no scripts had been written yet.

“It’s a very thick book. I think that two movies would be a good thing for the franchise. I support it, but ultimately it’s up to what Summit decides,” Peter chatted, though he seemed to pick his words very carefully.

“I’m having a great time with the franchise, so if we get to do two more that would be fun.”

We’re thinking Peter is more interested in two Dawns being a good thing for his bank account. And with the amount of money these flicks have pouring in, we can’t blame the sweet dude for wanting to double his paycheck.

While B.D. may still be far off, Eclipse is coming up soon, and Peter seems to think it’s quite a bit more exciting than that New Moon bore.

“The battle in Eclipse was superfun. We got to do a lot of fight training and choreography, and I’m looking forward to the fans seeing that. They get to see the Cullens in a way they’ve never seen them before,” the star mysterious teased.

Peter was proud to boast of his stunt work too, claiming, “I tried to do as much as I could, or as much as they allowed me to do. If I didn’t go home with a bruise, I didn’t feel like I put in a good day’s work.”

We’re sure Pete’s wife and kids weren’t as thrilled to see his daily beatings. Speaking of his mucho adorable fam, Peter told us that The Cat in the Hat was one of his fave books to read to his daughter, and that he loved to make his little princesses laugh.

When we brought up the Twilight franchise, Peter told us “Well my 12-year-old has read the first two for sure.” And Jennie quickly chimed in: “But that’s it!”

Do the Facinelli parents think the series is too racy for tweens? Seems so! We asked if the couple thought the much-talked-about fourth book was too naughty, and Jennie, who was only half listening as she cuddled and kissed her youngest daughter Fiona, turned to me and blurted “Yeah!”

“I got to spread them out. Let her get old enough to read the other two. I think I would let her read the third one though when she hits 13 for sure,” Peter confessed.

We say better she reads the somewhat-controversial conclusion to the series than have to suffer through another screening of New Moon.

E! Online


Latest On Breaking Dawn

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Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
Steve Granitz/Getty Images, Dave Hogan/Getty Images, Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Enough Nonsten nonsense stuff, let’s take a quick break to go back to the whole damn thing that made Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the gang: the movies.

People get so wrapped up in these kids’ private lives, we forget there’s still tons of fun drama happening inside our favorite studio that brings The Twilight Saga to life!

Deep Twi tells us there is no director set yet for Breaking Dawn because no one can decide on whether it’s going to be one movie or two.

It seems that series mastermind Stephenie Meyer and Summit have slightly different agendas on that one…

“Stephenie is calling the shots,” our mole tells us, “and she still can’t decide whether or not [making two movies] is the right thing to do creatively.”

Deep Twi insists that everything—including splitting Breaking Dawn into two films—is run by Meyer (after all she penned the friggin’ thing).

“Both sides have very different agendas,” ‘fesses our insider.

See, here’s the breakdown…

Stephenie doesn’t need the money, so what does she care? It’s double the work to split this film up.

Adds our source:

“Meyer isn’t in it for the fame. She hates doing press, and she doesn’t want to be recognized for anything other than her work, so what’s her incentive to drag [the book] out?”

Of course, we’re assured she does want to please the fans, but isn’t four films enough?

Summit is doing its best to “politely inspire” Stephenie to greenlight the two-flick route. For them, double the work equals double the money. Studios care more about that green stuff than an out-of-nowhere millionaire housewife.

“The right creative solution” is the term everyone is bantering about over at the studio, when basically, it’s all about trying to convince Meyer to do it.

Says Deep Twi:

“They keep trying to persuade her it’s the right thing to do artistically. They’re constantly waiting for her input.”

Jeez, is it actually harder for a devout Mormon to whore out her creative baby than, say, a reported Protestant like J.K. Rowling, who certainly had no difficulties milking the Harry Potter flicks for all they were worth?

Oh, and Steph, just some more food for thought: If you put the kibosh on an extra Twilight film, Twi-hards are going to have your rich little booty for din-din! Trust us, you’ll be skinned alive, diced, fried and then flambéed alive.

These are fans you do not want to disappoint.


Robsten’s Beach Date

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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
Fotonoticias/Getty Images

Undercover lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted out together in Venice Beach yesterday, escaping the shutterbugs and enjoying a private date night. Take that, all you Robsten haters!

While everyone seems so hell-bent on having Rob hook up with the likes of Katy Perry (just because they’re photographed at an event, please), a source spills to us that Robsten was dining at Gjelina restaurant on Abbot Kinney before scoping out the fab A. Kinney Court opening next door.

Says our insider who attended the party:

“Robert and Kristen were eating next door and peaked in the window after their dinner as the party was wrapping up.”

We all know that Robsten likes to keep a low profile, so showing up to an event opening together where Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and Olivia Wilde also were in attendance totally isn’t their scene.

But the concept fashion boutique and eyewear store totally suits Kristen’s chiller style, so we know why they would take a pause to check it out. Atta girl, you tell your man to make some time for window shopping!

“Kristen was wearing an old white T-shirt with her hair in a ponytail,” our eyes tell us. “Rob was wearing jeans, a tee and a dark coat.

“It looked like they were on a nice stroll through the neighborhood. They seemed really just into hanging together.”

So did R & K opt for some PDA since not too many people were looking?

“They weren’t holding hands, but were really sweet with each other.”

We all know that R.Pattz’s night didn’t end there. He went out to celebrate his friend Shannon Woodward‘s birthday at Dimples karaoke bar alongside Katy Perry.

Rob showed up around 11:15, plenty of time to drop K.Stew off where she needed to be. The A. Kinney opening ended around 10. Sweet that R.Pattz wanted to spare his truer emotions from the waiting paps he knew would be documenting his every move later on.

A spokesperson for Gjelina declined to comment about Robsten’s romantic meal saying, “We wouldn’t be able to tell you about that.”

A rep for Kristen also kept mum saying, “We don’t have a comment, but thank you.”

We’re just glad the couple got in some quality relaysh time! Love it, or love it?

It’s utterly and truly Robsten-style amour at work, every angle you look at it, as we trust you will.


Robsten Checks In

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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
Fred Duval/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wasted no time, um, possibly getting to business, once they landed in L.A. yesterday. Think they’re finally answering our pleas to show us all a li’l more kissy stuff?

After they wrapped Eclipse early Thursday morning, the duo left Vancouver only to check in to the Chateau Marmont together yesterday afternoon.

Check it out:

A source close to the couple tells us that Rob and Kristen were driven into Chateau’s private valet Thursday evening.

“They went straight up to a room,” says a hotel source. “No one saw them the rest of the night.”

Why are we not surprised?

We’re told Robsten were not seen leaving the hotel, nor were they spotted in the public lobby area last night.

Today, Rob’s been spotted running errands, and Kristen found time to stop by her parents’ house.

If you remember, the Chateau was their hotel of choice when they shacked up together the weekend of the Teen Choice Awards.

Hopefully Rob and Kristen are managing to get some rest because they have a whirlwind next couple of weeks.

We’re told the two will be hitting the road next week for New Moon promos before coming back to L.A. in a few weeks for the N.M. junket and premiere.


Like Seriously??

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Robert Pattinson, Underwear

Did you know vampires are the big rage right now? Yeahh, neither did we. Everybody seems to be shamelessly trying to cash in on anything fang related, especially sexually.

Yesterday we introduced you to the vampire-inspired sex toy Succu Dry, but for you Twilight lovers who are just slightly more PG, you can get Robert Pattinsondown there! Talk about invasion of privacy.

Behold: R.Pattz undies. They’re not for sale, alas, but they do beg the question: Would you cross the line and wear ’em?


The Hunters & The Hunted

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While Eclipse filming is nearing its end, not all Twilight castmembers are breathing easy.

We recently chatted with a very high up Summit source who emphasized to us the living hell these kids have been going through up in Vancouver.

It’s been more than rumored that Breaking Dawn will be filmed somewhere other than British Columbia next year, and the reason has less to do with tax issues and more to do with the sanity of our favorite cast.

“It’s not just the media invading [the Twilight cast’s] privacy—it’s the whole world,” dishes a key Summit player.

How so?

It’s obvious that we all are seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart way less, and we’ve told you just how miserable their privacy is up in Canada. But even we have recently learned just how bad it’s gotten.

“Civilians are flying in all over the world to hunt down whoever they can find,” fesses the concerned power suit. “It’s bad. Literally [Rob and Kristen] have no choice but to stay inside.”

Apparently the tourist companies up in Canada are also getting out of control. While we’re told there are some that are very respectful and keep their distance, more than a few companies and fans (one woman in particular) cross the line.

“Everyone calls them the Vultures,” our insider tells us. “The cast hates, hates, hates them. The Vultures actually stalk [the cast]—hunt down every set location and hide out in order to record them everywhere they go off set. It’s become unmanageable.”

These “rogue tourists”—as Robsten, Summit and the whole Twi group calls them—have had some major impact on how the cast goes about their daily lives (more specifics on that tomorrow).

“These kids are just trying to film a damn movie—wish the world could let them.”

Guess counting their millions can only go so far.


A Weekend Of Twilight

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A piece of advice for Twilight fans: if you take a break from the computer for a day, be prepared for the fact that you will probably miss out on many Twilight series news stories. Such is the case today, but catching up is always fun to do.

For starters, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Boo Boo Stewart had an interview with J14 Magazine where he talked about being Seth Clearwater for the series. Stewart revealed that he was the last person in the country to audition for the part. He also stated that the reason he believes that he will make for a great Seth Clearwater is that he, like he believes the character does, can make people smile when he walks into a room. Note also that Stewart was sporting his new, improved Eclipse hair-do.

In a recent article about Twilight star Peter Facinelli, a blogger noted how incredibly busy the actor has been over the past few months. Skipping around the country from one appearance to the other (the most recent being a showing at the Sony Vaio event in New York City while filming Nurse Jackie, and the present one being a signing event for charity in Nevada), the blogger begged that Facinelli breathe in between all of his good work. Twilight fans probably echo that sentiment pretty loudly in wishing Facinelli good health and wishes.

Perhaps in even more need of breath are Facinelli’s co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who were featured in a new edition of Seventeen Magazine. Pattinson’s interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, too, came about today with Pattinson saying things like “I’m not the lead in the second film. Taylor [Lautner] is.”

Also, Facinelli’s co-star Kiowa Gordon attended his own charity signing in Phoenix, which one attendant said was “priceless.” Meanwhile, New Moon star Daniel Cudmore, too, spoke out for charitable causes. In attendance of a screening of The Age Of Stupid, Cudmore stated that he wanted to see the youth get more involved in issues associated with global warming. Indeed.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s soundtrack previews were compiled, by a YouTuber, to make one flowing assembly of the snippets.

Meanwhile, a fuller list of worldwide release dates were announced and can be found here. AMC Theaters, too, has an option for New Moon movie-goers to see a special showing of Twilight just before their release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on November 19th.

Michael Sheen’s film The Damned United has been picking up steam, and it was recently the subject of a Time Magazine spotlight which stated that “[i]t’s Sheen’s ability to get under the skin of people we think we know well that makes him so compelling.”


Keeping all the Twilight news sorted out is a full-time gig – Fortunately, there are a ton of Twilight bloggers covering every nuance of the series including the recent New Moon filming and the current mayhem around the Eclipse set in Vancouver. Here are a few tid-bits in context for you to peruse:

Guest-Thinking for Rob

I’ve dropped some comments about JD Salinger and Vancouver set news to Thinking of Rob blog run by @fakerparis who asked me to write a guest post about the local reaction to the Eclipse filming in Vancouver – Voila, here is Exclusive article for ToR – Eclipse in the North – Twilight films in Vancouver and the fans & media go wild! on Thinking of Rob.

In the way of an intro FP writes:

Here’s an article that was written exclusively for Thinking of Rob by Dave O from Movie Set.


Let me start off by saying that Dave O, has commented a few times on Thinking of Rob, before Eclipse started filming. What I really liked about Dave was that he was in no way related to the Twilight world, therefore his opinion was honest and unbiased.

Since a few months have passed and we all know how things are in Vancouver, I thought I would ask Dave to write up an article for us, his first reactions was: “You know I’m not really related to the Twilight world right?” To which I answered “Yes, that’s exactly what I want, the perspective of someone in Vancouver who’s not linked to the Twilight world.” So he agreed to write up an article for Thinking of Rob. So here it is, a Vancouverite’s persepective of what’s going on in Vancouver.

By the way Dave, I love that you called Ted a cheeseball 😉

Eclipse in the North

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

For the last 20 years, Vancouver has grown into a busy shooting location to the point Hollywood Northis a common nickname. While in recent years, a lot of top 10 shows from X Files to Smallville has replaced the reputation as home to well-intentioned but made-on-the-cheap shows like Macgyver. Indeed a lot of films made in Vancouver looked like after school specials or seemed destined to DVD release.


But Vancouver doesn’t care because we’re too cool to care *that* much. Yup, we roll eyes (or even scowl) at movie sets blocking bike lanes, expect limos to wait in traffic with everyone else, and don’t hassle the famous when you see them out in public. Because Vancouver is such a mellow city for celebrity spotters, many famous people make their year round or keep a vacation home (or reserved hotel suite at the Opus) in Vangroovy (AKA Lotus Land).

Sometimes partying heavy metal bands or actors make the news like Ben Affleck (and many others) at Brandi’s exotic showlounge, Snoop Dogg smoking out the Amsterdam Cafe, or Denise Richards feuding with paparazzi but Vancouveites are more interested in which visiting hockey players were spotted getting buzzed at The Roxy on gamenight. The closest to the celeb-worship wall of fame is the color-copied photos of Ice Cube and Steven Seagal eating hotdogs at the famous Japadog stand.

Cheesy yes, but here are Ted’s links

Is Ted a Cheeseball?Is Ted a Cheeseball?

Since I called Ted Casablanca from Eonline’s The Awful Truth “a cheeseball” (which i stand-by), i’ll drop him some links because i am peaceful man ;-):

Taylor Speaks ~ Clearly and Politely

Box Office published a Taylor Lautner interview by Amy Nicholson called Competing for Bella

Taylor answers personal-ish questions about working on set and dealing with the throngs of adoring fans and Google – plus he makes a pitch to broaden the New Moon audience:

What will draw guys your age to New Moon?

There’s a lot more action than Twilight. It’s more exciting—it has werewolves and vampires, which creates fights because they don’t get along. Not only does the action step up, but the whole story line does as well. Now there’s a third person involved.

It’s been years since we’ve had a good werewolf film—it’s been vampires, then zombies, then vampires again. What’s awesome about werewolves?

They’re different. Werewolves are extremely strong, which is cool. But it’s a bummer because I don’t actually get to play my werewolf. It’s full-blown CGI; it’s either me or a CGI werewolf. So that’s a bummer, but I know they’re going to look awesome in the film. I’m excited to see it.

Spreading the Twi-fu

Cullen News picked up Eclipse in the North – Twilight films in Vancouver and the fans & media go wild!

Twilight Eclipse picked up the Video Tour of Vancouver Set Locations (thanks) which keeps on rolling round the world on over 100 blogs!

Opening Eclipse and Tax Breaks

Lainey Gossip has a Punkd image of the opening scene of Eclipse and also kicks down some business analysis about the chances of Breaking Down filming in Vancouver:

With the premiere of New Moon just a month away, the kids are gearing up for what’s expected to be a massive publicity campaign that will launch into overdrive as soon as Eclipse wraps at the end of October. Enjoy it while it lasts Vancouver. Because if things continue to roll the way they’ve been rolling, Twilight might not be coming back here.

The first movie was shot in Oregon. Oregon desperately wants Twilight to return for the 4th film and they’ve introduced major tax incentives etc to lure the production back. British Columbia on the other hand is getting pounded by Ontario and Quebec (other Canadian provinces with historically active film industries) as both have also pushed tax incentives forward in a bid to take back British Columbia’s business.

British Columbia however has not answered, has not presented incentives of its own to match the competition. As such, British Columbia has already lost out on several productions and now faces the probability of losing Twilight’s final installment.

The crews that are working on Eclipse also worked on New Moon. They were booked back to back well in advance, schedules held for both films. My sources tell me exclusively that the crew was informed weeks ago that they had the all clear to book new jobs when Eclipse wraps. The studio will NOT hold them for Breaking Dawn. I’m told that as of press time the intention is to begin production on the fourth and final in September. In Portland.

Things are fluid, of course. And it could change. But unless British Columbia changes its film tax structure, it’s more financially feasible for Summit to shoot elsewhere. Say goodbye Vancouver.

New Moon Tickets

Twilight Presales briskThe Hollywood reports: Nine weeks prior to the film’s Nov. 20 release, MovieTickets is reporting more than a dozen “New Moon” performances as complete sellouts. A Fandango spokesman said “New Moon” represents 57% of its recent ticket sales, with sellouts at 50 locations.

Note to self: Create a Twilight: New Moon viewing party contest – in the meantime, thanks to Twilight Novel Novice for spreading the word that MovieSet has a new New Moon contest, with some fun prizes (including HD Flip Cam and signed photos of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) in their Friday Twi News.