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Can we get our Robsten VMA hopes up or not?

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Taylor Lautner, Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, New Moon Summit Entertainment

Remember last time we got a smidgen frustrated with loveable Robsten, and then later that day we wound up with the first of many photos showing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hanging out together all over L.A.? Well, for the Video Music Awards this weekend, we’re going to try to recreate that reverse psychology phenomenon again.

We’ve been getting tons of excited tweets about Rob, Kristen and Taylor‘s VMA appearance set for Sunday, and many are asking whether we can hope for a public makeout sesh or any “confirmation” PDA for those having Robsten doubts. And our answer is? Not likely. Which blows! And we’re damned pissed about it.

Think of the past hyped public Twi appearances. There were the MTV Movie Awards (where Rob ditched the carpet), Comic-Con (where Rob and Kristen were publicly separated) and the Teen Choice Awards (where both Rob and Kristen skipped the carpet and posed apart for pics). Yes, we’ve told you what has happened with some of their alone time together, but we want some public cuteness just like the rest of you.

So if we’re lucky enough to see both R.Pattz and K.Stew walk the carpet this Sunday, is it too much to ask for some shots snapped together? Without the third wheel? If they do make that rare appearance (Lautner surely attached), we just hope Ashley Greene doesn’t blow it and can get something cute, hot, quotable and—most importantly—photographic out of ’em.

Anything! Just let’s not play the “we haven’t seen each other naked” game, ‘K? ‘Cause we’re so done with that one.


Robsten: Rebel Lovers

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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Unless you haven’t been paying close attention, we love us some Robsten. And it’s not just because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a mouthwatering combination (they are!), but because their adoration for one another is totally rebellious.

Their overprotective studio, Summit, doesn’t want them together and is doing anything in its power to create distance between the two. But Twilight‘s Romeo and Juliet choose to revolt and keep up their relaysh, however clandestine it is right now.

Robsten’s hardly the first couple in H’wood not to conform to the public’s expectations—take a gander at our Rebel Lovers gallery, where we applaud some daring guys and dolls who did anything for love…even things we never asked them to do.

Click to see who’s in The Rebel Lovers Gallery!

Eonline/ Team Awful

Ted C on Low key Robsten!

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According to Ted at E!:

Is all quiet on the Summit front? That’s what it seems like because we’re not hearing (or seeing) a friggin’ peep about what’s going on with our favorite little vampires and humans up in VBC.
Minus some tweets from director David Slade and a few pics of the second-class Twimates, the filming of Eclipse seems way more under wraps than New Moon. Doncha think?
Well, that’s exactly what the studio (brilliantly, might we add) wants.
So what does Deep Twi have to say now that filming is under way? And how’s our fave couple doing? Do read on:
“It’s all business right now,” dishes D.T., telling us filming is going “great” and everyone is getting along with the new director. “There’s definitely a more professional vibe this time around.”
That’s no dig at Chris Weitz, everyone—cast and studio included—loved him (way more than Catherine Hardwicke, we assure you). Maybe the filming of Eclipse is just more intense, or maybe the young cast is growing up, but we’re told that everything is, well, pretty normal for once up there. Well, as normal as you get with these insanely horny kids, anyways.
As for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? It’s clear to everyone on the set by now that they’re together. People obviously had some idea of what was going on when cameras stopped rolling, but Robsten definitely isn’t being quite as sneaky ’bout it as before.
This is a win-win for Summit, BTW. Its two moneymakers are happy now that they’re semiallowed to be together (no sticking it to the studio with intentional pictures out), but you all won’t see any of it because much more effort is being spent on keeping them way out of the public eye.
So far, the big publicity switch over at Summit is the best thing that’s happened to Robsten, and the franchise, in a long time. They just don’t care that much anymore! As long as Rob and Kristen play by some rules, that is.
Can you Twi fans sacrifice the pictures of your fave starlets together this time around knowing they are safely snuggled up in a hotel room? Or is the lack of Robsten shots just too painful?

Ted C

Hot Video!

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UPDATE: Jennie Garth misquoted!

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Flythru BagWENNWe knew it was too good to be true. A New York paper quoted actress Jennie Garth confirming that Robert Pattinson was dating one of his co-stars but her rep confirms to that it just wasn’t so. “I can’t say [if it’s Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed], because that would be breaking my promise to [husband Peter Facinelli], but he is dating one of them!” Garth was quoted as saying. Facinelli plays the patriarch of the Cullen family in the Twilight series. “I know my client. She’s a veteran and she’s an honest girl and too sweet to be misquoted like that,” Garth’s rep told The rep also confirmed that she tracked down the intern reporter for the paper and asked for the transcript to verify Garth did not say what was in the item. So what did the 90210 star actually say? Here is her real quote! “I can’t say,” she answered laughing. “That will be breaking my promise to my husband. But I do know.”


Robsten private date night.

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Picture is a manip.

Twilight was the big winner at yesterday’s Teen Choice Awards, but let’s face it, the whole day was all about Robsten.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart skipped out on most of the press (after getting caught together all around L.A., we don’t blame them), but that didn’t stop us from totally spying on the couple…

Inside the show, K and R were separated by Taylor Lautner (so friggin’ typical), but during commercial breaks they managed to squeeze in plenty of time to share a few laughs.

“Girls kept running up to [Rob] asking to get pictures with him, and he was so nice about it,” said a source sitting near the couple inside. “Rob would smile and meet all of the giggling girls while Kristen would look on and just laugh about all the attention he got. Some even asked if the two were an actual couple, and they would just shoot each other a look, blush and start giggling.”

While we’re not positive if the two arrived together, like we Twittered last night, we’re damn sure the two love-biters left together.

We saw Rob and Kristen dart out the back and get whisked off together in a black Navigator as most of the Twi cast did an interview with Entertainment Tonight. If you’re skeptical, then peep the video for yourselves.

So did Robsten celebrate all their awards privately last night?

Of course. We heard from solid sources that Rob was back at the Chateau Marmont last night, and he most definitely wasn’t hanging around any of the bars or main areas (standard Pattinson locales when he’s there, btw). So he must have preferred to hang in his room instead. Is that what you call Stewart service? Just not sure if he was also somewhat resting up for his travels to Vancouver this morning.

Paps seem to believe Kristen was at the hotel, but insiders tell us there were no documented Robsten sightings inside the über-exclusive hangout after the awards. Did they stealth suck face once again? Seems so.

However, that was so not the sneaky case for most of Rob’s stay in L.A. this weekend.

“Kristen was in and out all weekend,” pipes our first-hand Chateau source.

Love it! You, too? What a stupid question.

Ted C

Ted C reports on Robsten via Twitter.

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go to @taryder to see car rob and kristen left in! didnt snap it in time to actually get them in the shot, but they are in there promise41 minutes ago from mobile web

rob and kristen just left together in black navigator!!about 1 hour ago from mobile web

Twilight just won. kristen smiling and laughing with rob onstage. gave him a little play-punch in stomach when walking offstageabout 1 hour ago from mobile web