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Co-Stars Hanging Out

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90630X9_PATTINSON_B-GR_15Robert Pattinson once again was spotted enjoying some quality time alongside his “Remember Me” co-star Emilie de Ravin. The twosome was seen hanging out at the Central Park of New York City on Tuesday, June 30 to film the movie.

Pattinson and de Ravin were caught sharing laughs during the break time of filming the flick. Both of them were also seen drinking cans of Coca Cola. As for the 23-year-old hottie, who plays Tyler Roth on the film, he was pictured puffing a cigarette.

Also joining them was Ruby Jerins, who portrays Pattinson’s younger sister. She was photographed sharing a scene with the British hunk in between takes of the film. “It was adorable!” one onlooker talks about the shooting time. “Rob looked like the best big brother ever – he looked so protective of the little girl. It was too sweet!”

“Remember Me” is a romance drama film which is helmed by Allen Coulter. The story centers on a couple who meets and falls in love while struggling to deal with family tragedies that threaten their relationship. It will be released in U.S. theaters on February 12, 2010.

Check out the rest of the pics here.


Funny Video: Rob wants lips insurance

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Rob can have a 6-pack too!!!

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When The Pretty filmed the shirtless scene, we were wowed by his chiseled abs.Rob hates hitting the gym! But he has to anyway for this scene, im guessing.But it didnt take long for the Pretty’s haters to say its airbrushed!! Now Kellan Lutz have come to his rescue and bring down the haters..

costar Kellan Lutz said they were achieved without any airbrushed shadows – in fact, Lutz takes some tongue-in-cheek credit for Pattinson’s six-pack.   

“I’ve been training him, I’ve been training Taylor,” he insisted straight-faced, but promised that there’s no fitness competition among the men of New Moon – at least on his part. “I’m the tallest one and so I’ll stick with that trait.  

3yr old Rob.

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This is just sooo cute! Pictures of a 3yr old Rob playing dressed up as a soldier has surfaced! Today really is a good day. Rob shirtless , Edward & Bella kissed & now this.

Thank you God.

Rob talks about fame.

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Rob was photographed on New Moon’s set flashing his milliondollar smile.

Meanwhile, Robert recently chatted with Spanish Panetalla Nacional magazine, asked whether the fame has changed him or the people he knows.

Pattinson tells: “I think deep down, people don’t really change, but it has varied the way that my friends see me, even my family. It’s weird, because the truth is that people in your life repeatedly treat you differently. But you’ll always know who your true friends are. I hope that there will come a moment where they, my family, and myself will get back to normal, because they know me, they know who I am and we have the same dreams. I don’t have the feeling that I’ve changed, I think I’m the same.”

I’m Team Switzerland.Why can’t i choose both?

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Edward Cullen versus Jacob Black New Moon Poster

One of my favourite fan posters! Finger licking good!

The Pretty is officially up for grabs!

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🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



I’m grinning ear to ear.I promised not to squeal buti guess promises are made to be broken.

It’s quite certain now that THAT Erika is just plain delusional.According to, the place was already crawling with journalists who’s watching the pretty’s every move.But no one saw any flirting & making out except Life & style. Not even Zoe Griffin.


Strange right ? We’ve covered this issue.rpatz2

More confirmation that he wasn’t hooking up with Erika.Zoe has reported for the Daily Telegraph and the Mirror.She was there. That night at amfAR. And you know she was watching. She was watching and she saw Robert Pattinson pretty much on his best behaviour. And no Erika at all.

According to Zoe ,

I waltzed over for a little flirt as soon as I saw him at the AmFar charity dinner in the exclusive Hotel du Cap in Antibes.

After warming him up by telling him he is the second best looking vampire in the world, (because Brad Pitt was in Interview With a Vampire), we had a long chat about all matters of the heart.

I just wanted to eat Robert up / snog his face off when he told me: “I haven’t had a girlfriend in ages. I’m not very settled at all. I’ve spent every night of the last six months in hotel rooms around the world. I haven’t been back to my parents house in six whole months.There is no way a girl would put up with that.”

Uhhhh, HELLOOOOO – I’d give it a damn good shot and I’m sure many other girls would consider it.

But Robert added: “I don’t even find time to meet anyone. If I’m not working then I am doing interviews and if I am not doing interviews then I am attending corporate and charity events where I have to be on my best behaviour to stop photos getting out.

“Basically, I don’t have time for fun. It’s 2am now and I am getting up about 5am to go to Rome for five days. Then I’m going somewhere else and then to LA. I’m filming another Twilight that will be released this year and next year I should have three movies out.”

At this point, I was starting to think he was a bit of a moaner until he looked me in the eyes with his full-on glare and I tried not to swoon as he said: “I seriously need to party! I’m just worried that if I start partying I won’t stop as it’s been so long. What can I do?”

Awwww, doesn’t that make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside? Or is it just me? Oopps.

P/S  Rob,honey,sugar…ill follow you anywhere.i won’t complain as long you promised to sparkle & dazzle me everynight!