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I would be smilling too if i’m K.Stew!

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Thanks to Robstenlovers & peaceLovetwilight!

Look at the pictures above closely. What’s the common factor on all 3 pictures? Twifans are saying that the baggy T-shirt Kristen wore with a knot is ROB’s! the sleeve length, pocket, and neck line are the same. What do you think?

I’m thinking if it is..then it’s no wonder she is wearing her beautiful smile more often recently.


Rob gets a new lady!

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Off screen, looks like Kstew is still his lady love until the break up rumours begin.But on screen for Remember Me , Lost’s hottie has been cast as Rob’s love interest! Lucky!!


Robert Pattinson is gracing the Big Apple with his tousled hair and brooding smile as he starts production on a new movie, Remember Me, later this month.

Cast details for the flick have just been announced as well as a little blurb of plot.

Slotted to star alongside the hunky vampire actor are Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Lost’s Emilie de Ravin.

The movie will follow Pattison playing a young man whose family is torn apart by his brother’s suicide and left him sleepwalking through life. He then meets DeRavin who plays a young woman who seizes life to its fullest, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes. Brosnan and Cooper will play the fathers of Pattinson and Cooper respectfully.

How dark and twisty.

A big change from Twilight, but it sounds promising.

That Emilie is one lucky gal!

Wonder how K-Stew feels about her?

Rob & Kristen leaving Italy!

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Thanks Robsten Lovers!

Remember when Robsten left Italy for MTV Awards in L.A.Here are pictures of them!

Well there was Internet speculation that it was their stunt doubles. Um, it wasn’t. Here’s more pics, thanks to Twilight Saga Gossip. And why would they use stunt doubles to show they are together, when they uhhh… are?

Green Light for Robsten?

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Robert Pattinson Kisses Kristen Stewart on Italian New Moon Set - 26 May 2009

Ted Casablanca:

Now that New Moon has wrapped, does that mean Summit’s prissy attitude toward Robsten has too? Kind of.

Sources tell us that the long battle has been sorta-won as far as the suits’ tsk-tsking the budding romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

With the morning-after photos surfacing of Rob and K.Stew together earlier in the week, apparently the suits are just “over it.” At least until Eclipse starts filming in August—then it becomes round three of keeping Pattz and Kristen at arms length from each other.

So why the sudden quasi change of heart?

Much like execs had hoped for Rob in Cannes, they think the Twi break this summer will only simmer Robsten’s heat.

Also, suits up top are banking on the fact that Robert and Kristen will never actually come out as a couple, or whatever they consider themselves to be. If they keep people wondering about what they are, then there will be no need for any official statements if something were to unfortunately turn sour. Good thing R & K aren’t ones to worry about official titles, and rightfully so, they’re only 19 and 23.

We love how OK! mag is the latest to get with the Robsten program. Its new issue has deets about “Rob and Kristen’s Love”—but no worries, you guys have been in the know about all of this for two months now.

Meet the parents session?

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Robsten Lovers wants to know if this set of pictures & vids where they were both photographed leaving the hotel post MTV Awards are enough to call it in? That Robsten are on-sreen as well as off-screen lovers! What do you think?

If you are undecided, Celebuzz are reporting that the two seen with Robsten are no other than Jules Mann Stewart & John Stewart.Yes..Kristen’s parents.And in the video, Rob was seen hugging K.S’s mom.And shortly after,Jules was seen fixing Rob’s hair. If they are indeed must have at least a few months now seeing how comfortable Rob are with her parents!

 Watch the pictures here.

 Watch the video here.

What say you?

I say..yeah.Call it in! R.O.B.S.T.E.N

Anything that makes The Pretty smiles that way….

Bringing SEXY back to Manhattan City,one pout at a time.

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Rob is reportedly being eyed for a role in a gangster based flick based on tThe Mad Ones. I was talking to [author] Tom [Folsom] about who he wants to play Joe Gallo if you make this book into a movie. He said one of the ones he really wants is Leonardo DiCaprio,” producer Harvey Weinstein told Us magazine. “Rob Pattinson, James Franco, Leo…there’s a bunch of guys.”

Meanwhile,Rob is in Manhattan,New York set to start on his new project,a romantic love story tittled Remember Me scheduled to be released in Feb,12 2010.

Robert Pattinson

The Pretty swarmed by the paps.

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A heavy price to pay for fame.They’re constantly invaded,violated even.And for breakout star,Rob is no exception.This is the ugly side that worldwide fame brings.And it does come with consequence.Think Britney Spears.It’s sad to see them being constantly hounded even when they are not working.It’s really sad and even more scarier.I hope Rob keeps his head level headed , focus on the positive side & not let all this sudden & overwhelming attention get to him.

Rob landed on JFK to a group of paps.He was clearly uncomfortable with his hoodie on.Head down, he was videod trying to hide & duck behind his security team.Poor Rob!


Robert Pattinson New York City

View the video where Rob was bombared by ques from the paps including his relationship with Kristen.