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Rachelle @ Pre Oscar Party

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Stepping out for a fun-filled evening, Rachelle Lefevre was spotted at the 3rd Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar Party last night (March 4).

The “Twilight” hottie was all smiles as she posed outside a private Bel Air residence, sporting a low-cut black dress with peep-toe heels.

In career news, Rachelle has scored the lead role in a new CBS medical drama, playing a young and competent doctor.

Previously, Miss Lefevre has been best known for her work on the “Twilight” and “New Moon” films, playing the role of Victoria.



Rachelle Lefevre In CBS Medical Drama

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Life after “Twilight”? Yes, says Rachelle Lefevre.

The former “Twilight” vampire will play the lead, a young and competent doctor,  in John Wells’ CBS medical drama, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The ensemble drama follows the adventures of a mobile medical team that goes around the country, helping in medical crises.

Lefevre is best known to fans as the redheaded vampire Victoria from the first two “Twilight” films. She was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for the upcoming sequel “Eclipse.”

Lefevre has worked with CBS before on its short-lived “Swingtown.”


Rachelle Lefevre In Canada For Haiti

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Rachelle Lefevre In The Canadian Haiti Telethon

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Rachelle Lefevre in ‘New Moon’ – Summit Ent.

Circling back around on what she started, really (at least where Twilight stars are concerned), Rachelle Lefevre has gone from blood donor to phone answerer – all for the cause of relief to the victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Like her The Twilight Saga: New Moon co-star Robert Pattinson, Lefevre is joining the “Hope for Haiti” telethon this Friday – from Canada.

Other Canadians pitching in include Nelly Furtado, Measha Brueggergosman, Justin Bieber, Céline Dion, Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, James Cameron, Jason Reitman, William Shatner, Joshua Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Eugene Levy, Sandra Oh, Tom Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, Michael J. Fox, Alex Trebek, and Wayne Gretsky.

According to CBC News, the show will start at 7 p.m. EST, and it will be shown on CBC, CTV, MTV, National Geographic, and other stations.

Find out more over at Twilight Moms.


New Moon Stars Tweet Donations For Haiti

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If someone in the Twitter-Wood feed hasn’t tweeted a link to an organization accepting donations for Haiti, they’ve probably posted a question asking where they can donate, as “Twilight” actor Alex Meraz did today. His “New Moon” co-star Rachelle Lefevre, meanwhile, sent TwitcPic’d a shot straight from the blood center where she want to donate some blood. Yet another “Twilight”-er, Ashley Green posted a pic as well, but I really can tell you much more about it beyond the fact that she’s wearing a crown.

The other big stories of the week remained all over the feed today. Andy Milonakis praised Jimmy Kimmel’s contributions to the Leno and Conan debacle, while another actor revealed who made him cry during “American Idol.” Find out who that was, as well as who took home a gift from the wrap for Michel Gondry‘s “Green Hornet” and what Lee Unkrich had to say about his last day at “Toy Story 3” production with a full crew and animators. It’s all in the Twitter-Wood report for January 15, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:
@RachelleLefevre – Giving blood!
-Rachelle Lefevre, Actress (“Twilight,” “Casino Jack”)

@AshleyMGreene Pretty
-Ashley Greene, Actress (“Twilight,” “Skateland”)

@TheAlexMeraz My prayers go to the lives lost in haiti and for those clinging for help I’m researching websites so i can donate…
-Alex Meraz, Actor (“New Moon,”Eclipse”)


Rachelle Lefevre Getting Twitter Followers To Donate Blood

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She may play a blood sucker on film, but in real life, Rachelle Lefevre is encouraging her fans to donate blood to Red Cross. The “New Moon” villainess is asking her Twitter followers to donate blood to the organization.

The 30-year-old actress posted a challenge to her fans, writing on the microblogging site: “The challenge – My part: For every 500 new followers I’ll donate $100 to Red Cross, up to $1000.”

“Your part: Give blood. Donating blood is fast, free, & saves lives. Give 2 Red Cross or your local org! [sic]”

Lefevre, who played Victoria in the first two “Twilight” films, currently has over 179,800 followers. She also regularly hosts other charity challenges on the website.

Julie Whitmer, director of American Red Cross Celebrity and Entertainment Outreach Program, told Celebrity Good Life that the organization sincerely appreciates the effort of the actress to raise donations for the charity.


Rachelle Lefevre Interview

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Rachelle Lefevre (aka Victoria) talks about Kevin Spacey teaching her to twitter and Robert Pattinson does indeed shower.

She said: “We got talking about Twitter and Kevin said he had 420,000 followers. I asked him if it made him nervous, if he was giving too much access. Then he gave me a 20-minute talk about why he loves doing it. He said it helps communicate with the fans, how it helps let people know what he’s doing. He sold me on it. If a two-time Academy Award winner tells you to Twitter, you Twitter.”

Talking about Twilight hunk Pattinson on an Australian talk show, Lefevre added: “It‘s been a year-and-a-half now and we’re still quashing the rumour that he doesn’t shower. He showers! Very early on when filming the first movie people stopped me in the street and said, ‘Does he shower?’

She adds, “He does. He’s lovely, the same as he was when he first started filming. He loves his music. He plays with his hair. He gets uncomfortable sometimes. He’s very normal.”

I follow Rachelle!  Which I’m sure most of you do too.  If not, follow her on twitter here!