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NYC Screening

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Our beloved cast attended the screening of New Moon last night in New York City.  Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner looked gorgeous as always.   Ashley Greene (Alice), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), and director Chris Weitz were also at the New Moon screening.

New Moon was absolutely amazing!  I love Chris Weitz!  Everyone was spectacular in it!!   LOVED IT!!  Can’t wait to see it again.

Check out all the pictures of the cast here!

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Rob’s taken quite a few beatings for Remember Me.

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Random Things

It was rumored that Friday was the last day of filming for Rob Pattinson on the Remember Me set in NYC, and has an exclusive blog from Twilight fan Beth as she was on hand to see the Rob-mania!

Click here for more photos!

“As if I could stay away from Rob on potentially his last day of filming!! Apparently, neither could the rest of the Rob-loving population.  There were soccer moms pulling up to drop their kids off at the set.  “Have fun stalking honey, call me if you need anything!” The NYPD were called out for crowd control and everyone was herded behind barricades.  There were even some “Rob Decoys” wandering the area but they were in no way a substitute for the real thing and didn’t seem very successful!

I was so jealous though when I saw 3 really attractive girls, a redhead, a blond and a brunette waiting outside Rob’s trailer who weren’t being hustled behind the barricades with everyone else…I was even more jealous when they were escorted to the door and went in!!!!!  The rest of us were out on the sidewalk waiting for him to emerge.  After about 10 minutes they came out empty handed…ha!

Rob finally emerged from his trailer with a full protective entourage.  He was super sexy in his tight jeans as he strided away from the mass of fans to the quiet building entrance.  With all of the Rob-Mania he couldn’t get across the street fast enough.  You can see a girl in the video burst through the barricaded area behind him and dash across the intersection without even looking just to follow him down the street taking pictures!!  Luckily she was stopped by a body guard and Rob made it safely into the buidling.

Once he was inside he was nice enough to snap some photos with residents inside. By the end of the day he looked shy, he kept his eyes on his sneakers as he made his way from the screaming fans.

Rob pulled a fast ones on his rowdy fans.  They cleared the entrance to the building while they waited for his car.  The paparazzi, fans, and hotel staff all looked braced for him to come back out the front when a grey car pulled up to the side building.  He must have escaped out of the back entrance!”

Click here to view the video of Rob’s rumoured ‘last day’ working on Remember Me.

More pictures?

Rob’s a true big brother.

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Flythru Bag

Who is Rob Pattison bunking down with tonight? has new photos or RPattz on the set of Remember Me filming in NYC Friday, and it was Rob-mania to the extreme!

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Rob was a true big brother carrying a hot pink sleeping bag during shooting, and we think his little sister Ruby Jerins is adorable in her party dress and gold slippers.  It’s only a few short weeks until Eclipse starts shooting and we’re looking forward to seeing Rob back in Edward mode.  Fans went crazy for the Twilight hunk Friday, but when don’t they?

Thanks radaronline.

Socialitelife has more shots of Rob & the pink sleeping bag.

Rob & his stunt double.

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After a cleaned up morning, it was another bruised and bloodied afternoon of filming Remember Me in NYC for Robert Pattinson yesterday. He was joined by his stunt double, who will deal with some of the scenes that result in all the cuts we see so often. It’s tough to mimic Rob’s good looks, which have become the quintessential image of Edward Cullen; however, now Stephanie Meyer is helping an artist create a Twilight graphic novel with an Edward character that has a look all his own.

For more pictures,go over to popsugar.

What Chemistry?

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Pics courtesy of Socialitelife!

Rob got to sleep in a lil bit more.

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After enjoying a night out with Rob’s friends last night, Rob got to sleep in a little later day. Hence his late arrival on set today.

For more pictures,click here.

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Will i ever get this lucky?

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Robert Pattinson by Janese Lautner.

TwRobert Pattinson by Janese Lautner.

Twilight fan Beth got a brief sighting of Rob Pattinson in New York today, filming Remember Me, and has the fun details of the Pattinson fever consuming NYC. I never thought I’d be the kind of girl to go to a set with hoards of screaming fans, but when I arrived at the Remember Me shoot this afternoon, I realized I was wrong. I walked over to where I’d been told they were filming at the Plaza hotel, telling myself I was just having a look, that that I’m not “Robsessed” and that any New Yorker has a right to walk past this way… I lied – I’m from Florida! I knew that Remember Me was filming at the Plaza hotel today, and Central Park’s lush greenery shaded my stroll through the mid-July heat – if it weren’t so dry it’d almost double for Forks! It was sunny and beautiful, a near perfect afternoon – the only thing hotter might be…a bit of Rob and as I walk in the general direction of 59th and 5th ave and start to see… a costume trailer, some crew and Pierce Brosnon. He gave a wave that could have been the perfect decoy until the squeals turn into screams and the head to toe perfection that emerged from the hotel next….Rob in full dress suit and sunglasses was so smoldering hot that I was sure those glasses would melt away at any moment. He descended the staircase with a smooth swagger that dazzled. Cars of people were stopping and asking for the low-down as if this were a gossip drive thru! Hello, it’s Rob and this is not McDonald’s! I tell you, that boy not only turned heads but stopped traffic!! Looking delicious in his dark suit and so adorkable as he shied away from the fans – he might as well be playing hard-to-get as he dashed inside rather than keeping things from turning into full on Rob-mania!

For video,click here.