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Sneak Peek Of Eclipse Single

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Muse Thanked Twilight For U.S Popularity

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Muse on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Everyone knows the story of how British superstar band Muse became so involved with the Twilight saga.

Stephenie Meyer (series author) credited the band for their continuous inspiration to her creative process in writing the Twilight series books, and, when the film was finally coming to fruition, the band was approached about the connection and offered a place upon the album.

In returning for the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Muse was very gracious to fans of the saga, assuring them of the band’s interest in being a part of the soundtrack for the third film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Of course, Muse had no trouble in making a name for themselves globally, but they recently gave deference to their participation in the Twilight saga for some of the headway they’ve made in popularity within the United States.

In an interview with Asia One (brought forth by WTAM 100), bassist Chris Wolstenholme said, “I was vaguely aware of the books, but we didn’t think anything of it at the time. The next thing you know, it’s Twilight fever. It’s good because it has made a difference for us in trying to break into America.”

Muse was featured on the Twilight soundtrack for “Supermassive Black Hole” and on the New Moon soundtrack for “I Belong to You.”


Muse To Be On Eclipse Soundtrack?

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We’ve heard rumblings of rumors over the past couple of months that Muse might be interested in working on the upcoming Eclipse soundtrack. Dominic Howard even spoke to MTV a couple of months ago about the band’s interest in reuniting with director David Slade to work on the soundtrack.. Now, in a new interview with Absolute Radio at the Big Day out Festival in Australia, Matthew Bellamy himself mentions the band is involved in something for Eclipse. Check out the video below:


Muse On SNL

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Muse Is SNL’s Musical Appearance

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Stage call for Muse & James Franco on ‘SNL’ – Twitpic

Tonight, Muse will be making a musical guest appearance on Saturday Night Live with James Franco as the host.

Muse tweeted about the upcoming appearance, showing this stage call, saying “Saturday Night Live coming to you soon…”

Soon indeed.

SNL promo-ed the event with Franco in this video.


Justin Chon Interviews Muse

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Justin Chon might just be one of the luckiest guys ever, not only does he get to be in all of the Twilight movies, he also recently got to go backstage at KROQ’s annual Almost Acoustic Christmas festival to interview Muse!

Ever since the earliest days of Stephenie Meyer dreaming about a clumsy girl and a pale vampire spending time together in a meadow, Muse have been there to serve as the “Twilight” author’s, well, muse. For proof, look no further than her acknowledgements in the “New Moon” novel: “And, finally, thank you to the talented musicians who inspire me, particularly the band Muse — there are emotions, scenes, and plot threads in this novel that were born from Muse songs and would not exist without their genius.”Several years later, the band has appeared on both massively successful soundtracks to the first two “Twilight” films and share millions of fans with the vampire franchise. This past weekend, the British band returned to Los Angeles to headline KROQ’s annual Almost Acoustic Christmas festival. We snagged an all-access pass for “Twilight Saga” star Justin Chon — a huge fan of the band’s — and after the show he got them to open up about backstage antics, whether it’s better to be a rocker or an actor, and the song they’re hoping to get on the “Eclipse” soundtrack.

Justin Chon: Oh my God, you guys were absolutely amazing, the whole show — how it was produced was amazing, the balloons and the piano and rocking on the guitar, everything was just perfect. This is my first rock show backstage experience ever.

Matthew Bellamy: So, how’d it go?

Chon: It was everything that I imagined it would be.

Dominic Howard: And more?

Chon: And more. I guess if I were to go back and do it all over again, would there be anything that you guys would have said I should have done that I maybe didn’t do?

Howard: Did you see everyone today? Did you see Phoenix? I’m a big fan of that band.

Chon: I saw everyone, I saw Phoenix.

Howard: Well if you saw everyone, that’s a good start.

Bellamy: Backstage, there are certain things that certain bands get up to — I’m sure you can fill in the gaps.

Howard: That might be happening a little bit later — maybe if you hang around, you can see a bit more. [Laughs.]

Chon: Awesome, man. You guys are on all the [”Twilight”] soundtracks, and I know that [”Eclipse” director] David Slade actually did some of your music videos.

Bellamy: Yeah, yeah. He did four music videos for us.

Chon: Wow, four? So is David Slade cooking something up for you guys for “Eclipse”?

Bellamy: Well, for “Eclipse,” someone was asking us to write a song for it, I think. We haven’t gotten around to doing that yet, because we’re really busy touring. But hopefully, if we get time over the holiday break, we might be able to lay something down that gets used in the film.

Chon: Wow, perfect! Well, I’m in the movie and I’m a huge fan, so it’s an absolute honor to be in your presence. There’s this huge fandom withStephenie Meyer and the books — what stuff inspires you guys?

Bellamy: We were with Stephenie last night, actually. We just saw Stephenie. She came to see us in Vegas — it was good seeing her, she’s a nice lady. Lovely! And she brought her friends along. But what inspires us? Books, films, anything music and just whatever comes. Life experience is a big one for the lyrics; certain things that happen to you turn into songs.

Chon: What’s next for you guys? You’re doing “Saturday Night Live,” and you guys are playing at Madison Square Garden, right? Wow.

Bellamy: Yeah, next March is it?

Howard: That’s a great venue. We played there once before — that is going to be wicked to play back there. We’ve got lots of touring coming up — that’s what happens, you release an album and then you tour your ass off for, like, two years. So, we’re taking a little break for Christmas for a couple of weeks to go off to Australia and Asia, and then we come back here in the spring.

Bellamy: Our U.S. tour is March/April time. We’re looking forward to that — it will be our biggest American tour to date.

Howard: It’s fun, traveling around the world and going to strange places.

Chon: If I could go back, I think I would be a rock star instead of an actor, man. You guys get to do this — have this high 60 times a year! I shoot a movie and people don’t [see it for a long time], then after, like, a month, people don’t care ever again.

Howard: I’m sure they will with this new one [”New Moon”].

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People’s Choice Nominees

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Peoples-choiceAs we previously reported you could vote for your favorite Twilight stars to be nominated for the 2010 People’s Choice Awards. The votes are in, and you’ve made your decision!

Here are the Twilight stars that are nominated this year –

  • Favorite Movie Actor: Robert Pattinson
  • Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart
  • Break Through Male: Taylor Lautner
  • Break Through Female: Anna Kendrick
  • Favorite On-Screen Team: The Twilight Saga (Kristen, Rob, and Taylor)
  • Favorite Movie: Twilight
  • Favorite Rock Band: Paramore and Muse (both from the Twilight Soundtrack)

Make sure you vote for your favorite Twilight Stars here! The People’s Choice Awards air on January 6th, 2010.