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Power To The People

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As you already know, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse starChaske Spencer has been working closely with United Global Shift for the past few months.

Recently, several of his Twilight series co-stars stepped up to the plate to record a new public service announcement video for the campaign, including Gil Birmingham (“Billy Black”), Julia Jones (“Leah Clearwater”),Justin Chon (“Eric Yorkie”), Boo Boo Stewart(“Seth Clearwater”), and Alex Meraz (“Paul”).

The message from the PSA was as follows:

Due to recent storms, thousands of people are without water, food, power, and heat. The Native American people on the affected reservations are freezing and dying right now. Right here in the United States. The government’s response has been slow and inefficient. But this is not a Native American issue, this is a human issue. You can make a difference, you can make thedifference. We don’t need your money. We need your voice. To create a sustainable solution beyond the immediate crisis. We the people have to take a stand and be heard. It’ll take you a few minutes, but you can impact generations to come. Be the shift.

The speakers encourage viewers to visit as well.



Justin Chon Wants Your Vote

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“Twilight” actor Justin Chon wants your vote.

The film star is promoting CPAF, the Center For The Pacific Asian Family,” and hopes “Twilight” fans will lend their support in the Chase Community Giving contest.

Through Facebook, fans can vote for CPAF to win against 99 other charities for $1 million. The winners will be announced Saturday, Jan. 23. CPAF aids Asian Pacific Islanders who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Naturally, Justin also took the time to talk a little “Twilight,” specifically, “Eclipse,” which he says will be filled with “a lot more action and a lot more lovin.'”

Justin, who plays Bella’s human high school friend Eric in “Twilight,” is just the latest “Twilight” star to speak out for charity like Robert Pattinson. Other Asian stars who’ve done PSAs for CPAF include “Star Trek’s” John Cho, “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Sandra Oh and Archie Kao from “CSI.”

The Chase Community Giving contest makes it easy for the average, non-rich person (read: “Twilight” fan) to make a difference because all it takes to help is a few clicks of the mouse.


New Moon Stars Reacts To Avatar

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‘Avatar’ – Twentieth Century-Fox

The buzz on Avatar continues to sound, even past the film reaching the $1 billion mark in ticket sales. Avatar was released on December 18th in the U.S., and already it has earned over $1.3 billion on the world market.

Clearly, then, the film has reached the far corners of the world and has made a very blue mark upon its viewers.

The cast of The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is no exception, and they’ve been tweeting about the film here and there.

Here is a round-up of what the Twilight cast has been saying about Avatar:

  • “Avatar was like watching the entire history of the Americas in 3 hours except it ended differently.” Alex Meraz
  • “Went to see Avatar yesterday. Me likey. X” Jamie Campbell Bower
  • “Nice flick.” Gil Birmingham
  • “AVATAR! James Cameron is one of the greats.” Kiowa Gordon
  • “Just got LOST in Avatar” Charlie Bewley
  • “how does the chipmunks beat avatar in the box office” Justin Chon
  • “wait for James Cameron to do Av[a]tar 2! Av[a]tar was soo frikin amazing….please hire me!!!” Daniel Cudmore

Interesting responses, huh?


Justin Chon Interviews Muse

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Justin Chon might just be one of the luckiest guys ever, not only does he get to be in all of the Twilight movies, he also recently got to go backstage at KROQ’s annual Almost Acoustic Christmas festival to interview Muse!

Ever since the earliest days of Stephenie Meyer dreaming about a clumsy girl and a pale vampire spending time together in a meadow, Muse have been there to serve as the “Twilight” author’s, well, muse. For proof, look no further than her acknowledgements in the “New Moon” novel: “And, finally, thank you to the talented musicians who inspire me, particularly the band Muse — there are emotions, scenes, and plot threads in this novel that were born from Muse songs and would not exist without their genius.”Several years later, the band has appeared on both massively successful soundtracks to the first two “Twilight” films and share millions of fans with the vampire franchise. This past weekend, the British band returned to Los Angeles to headline KROQ’s annual Almost Acoustic Christmas festival. We snagged an all-access pass for “Twilight Saga” star Justin Chon — a huge fan of the band’s — and after the show he got them to open up about backstage antics, whether it’s better to be a rocker or an actor, and the song they’re hoping to get on the “Eclipse” soundtrack.

Justin Chon: Oh my God, you guys were absolutely amazing, the whole show — how it was produced was amazing, the balloons and the piano and rocking on the guitar, everything was just perfect. This is my first rock show backstage experience ever.

Matthew Bellamy: So, how’d it go?

Chon: It was everything that I imagined it would be.

Dominic Howard: And more?

Chon: And more. I guess if I were to go back and do it all over again, would there be anything that you guys would have said I should have done that I maybe didn’t do?

Howard: Did you see everyone today? Did you see Phoenix? I’m a big fan of that band.

Chon: I saw everyone, I saw Phoenix.

Howard: Well if you saw everyone, that’s a good start.

Bellamy: Backstage, there are certain things that certain bands get up to — I’m sure you can fill in the gaps.

Howard: That might be happening a little bit later — maybe if you hang around, you can see a bit more. [Laughs.]

Chon: Awesome, man. You guys are on all the [”Twilight”] soundtracks, and I know that [”Eclipse” director] David Slade actually did some of your music videos.

Bellamy: Yeah, yeah. He did four music videos for us.

Chon: Wow, four? So is David Slade cooking something up for you guys for “Eclipse”?

Bellamy: Well, for “Eclipse,” someone was asking us to write a song for it, I think. We haven’t gotten around to doing that yet, because we’re really busy touring. But hopefully, if we get time over the holiday break, we might be able to lay something down that gets used in the film.

Chon: Wow, perfect! Well, I’m in the movie and I’m a huge fan, so it’s an absolute honor to be in your presence. There’s this huge fandom withStephenie Meyer and the books — what stuff inspires you guys?

Bellamy: We were with Stephenie last night, actually. We just saw Stephenie. She came to see us in Vegas — it was good seeing her, she’s a nice lady. Lovely! And she brought her friends along. But what inspires us? Books, films, anything music and just whatever comes. Life experience is a big one for the lyrics; certain things that happen to you turn into songs.

Chon: What’s next for you guys? You’re doing “Saturday Night Live,” and you guys are playing at Madison Square Garden, right? Wow.

Bellamy: Yeah, next March is it?

Howard: That’s a great venue. We played there once before — that is going to be wicked to play back there. We’ve got lots of touring coming up — that’s what happens, you release an album and then you tour your ass off for, like, two years. So, we’re taking a little break for Christmas for a couple of weeks to go off to Australia and Asia, and then we come back here in the spring.

Bellamy: Our U.S. tour is March/April time. We’re looking forward to that — it will be our biggest American tour to date.

Howard: It’s fun, traveling around the world and going to strange places.

Chon: If I could go back, I think I would be a rock star instead of an actor, man. You guys get to do this — have this high 60 times a year! I shoot a movie and people don’t [see it for a long time], then after, like, a month, people don’t care ever again.

Howard: I’m sure they will with this new one [”New Moon”].

See more here.


Justin Chon On Blog Talk Radio

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Summit Entertainment

Tomorrow, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Justin Chon will be appearing live on Blog Talk Radio for an hour and a half-long interview session with Vamp Radio at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Unlike most sessions at The VRO, the interview will be closed off from call-ins, but questions can still be submitted for Chon by email.

As you well know, Chon portrays “Eric Yorkie” in the Twilight saga and is a champion at Twilight series conventions. So be sure to tune in and catch a few late night laughs.


Twi Life Tour Next Weekend

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Daniel Cudmore, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Summit Entertainment

The Fantasy Twi-Life Tour, a Twilight fan convention series, is heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida next weekend to bring the stars of The Twilight Saga: New Moon into reach for Twilight fans.

“I always thought it was cool for you to be able to meet the actors, celebrities and writers that you like and want to meet,” says Mike Broder, promoter of the tour group, to the Miami Herald.

The all-star roster for the event had to shift a bit as “Alex Meraz . . . step[ped] aside due to a scheduling conflict.” Joining the tour in his stead will be one of the Volturi actors, Daniel Cudmore (“Felix”).

Also featured on the line-up are Chaske Spencer (“Sam Uley”), Gil Birmingham (“Billy Black”), Justin Chon (“Eric Yorkie”), Tyson Houseman (“Quil Ateara”), Tinsel Korey (“Emily Young”), and Kimbra Hickey (“The Hands of Twilight“).

In addition to photo and autograph opportunities, there’ll also be a line-up of Q&As with the cast and others, musical guests, trivia, discussion panels, a cocktail party, a banquet, a prom, and other contests and activities.

Says Broder, “Access and time with the stars is only part of what the fans want. The convention is a party for the fans. We celebrate all things relating to the Twilight exerience. The line will wrap around the room for autographs and photo ops with the stars, but we’ll also run trivia events and conduct panel discussions relating to the books and movies to entertain the fans while they wait.” It’s all part and parcel of the “Twi-Life,” it seems, to this tour’s promoter.

The last time the Twi-Life tour had a show was in September’s collaboration with EyeCon Orlando. The atmosphere at these shows, to be sure, is relaxed and involved, and it seems that fans and guest stars alike can kick back and enjoy the weekend.

The show starts on Friday, December 4th, and runs until Sunday, December 6th at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six. Ticketing and other information on the show is available here. Note that I will be at the event moderating panels and enjoying the weekend as well . . . please be sure to say hello! A full report on the event will follow.

UPDATE: Twilight Lexicon has a feature on upcoming Twilight tours that you’ll want to check out as well. You can view that here.


The Review Is In!

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is the second movie based on the series of four vampire-based fantasy and romance books by author Stephenie Meyer. The New Moon movie continues the story of the first Twilight movie about the ill-fated romance between mortal Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and vampire Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

New Moon finds Edward and Bella settling into life as high school sweethearts in Forks, Washington, although she’s already worrying about future complications.
She wakes on her 18th birthday from a dream in which she has turned into her grandmother while 108-year-old Edward has remained his perennially youthful, undead self.
This scenario has become common. We’ve seen variations on the theme of time playing tricks in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Time Traveller’s Wife and Dorian Gray. Welcome to the Botox generation’s nightmare…read more []

In the first movie, Edward memorably described Bella as “my own personal brand of heroin” and, in the months that follow, her heartbreak resembles a form of cold turkey whose symptoms include nightmares, listlessness and being followed around by a maudlin indie soundtrack.
When she discovers her ravenous Romeo’s image appears whenever she’s facing danger, Bella starts flirting with disaster, riding motorbikes and jumping off cliffs in increasingly desperate bids to see her true love one last time. Meanwhile she attracts the affections of local Indian Jacob (Taylor Lautner) who has a monstrous secret of his own…read more []


New Moon - Robert Pattinson

Under Chris Weitz’s direction, the actors have gained some confidence, and this chaste love triangle among creatures of the night has all the requisite looks of tortured longing. What it misses is any animating pulse: we just wait and wait for the bleeding obvious. The movie is best enjoyed for its dowdy sops to teen culture — vampires with email addresses, lycanthropes with six-packs — but for anyone on the outside looking in, the insulation of the characters from real danger makes it a bit of a drag…read more []

Weitz brings a few more flickers of humour to the narrative, but the essential, appealing earnestness of the book remains, whole-heartedly embraced. New Moon is a story about longing, and loss, and the dangers of desire. For its screen incarnation, one of its strongest elements is the performance of Stewart. There’s a toughness and introspection to her characterisation of Bella, but there’s also something vulnerable and youthful in her depiction of the pain, the immediacy and the extremes of adolescent yearning…read more [TheAge]

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, New Moon

Stewart is the heart and soul of the film, and not only because her Bella is surrounded by characters who literally have neither one nor the other. She gives both weight and depth to dialogue (”You’re just warm. You’re like your own sun”) that would sound like typical chick-lit blather in the mouth of a less engaging actress, and she makes Bella’s psychological wounds seem like the real deal…read more [Variety]

The acting has improved enormously since Twilight, particularly in the case of Taylor Lautner, who delivers a strong, likeable performance as Jacob and has genuine chemistry with Stewart. The plot is much more engaging this time round too, both emotionally and dramatically, though Pattinson’s legions of screaming fans may be disappointed by his relative lack of screen time.
Pattinson and Stewart are both good and there’s strong support from Ashley Greene (as Alice Cullen) and Anna Kendrick (as Bella’s non-vampire friend Jessica), whilst Dakota Fanning makes a memorable impression as Jane, a sinister member of the Volturi…read more []

New Moon Photo - Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke

It’s not exactly a celebration of female independence, but New Moon still has a handle on its young-adult audience: Hormonal frustration runs amok, and boys become attractive yet dangerous when they come of age (only the good ones keep their monsters in check). This time, we get not just vampires but werewolves, too—spectacular CG creatures that snarl and pounce before transforming back into buff, topless young studs…read more [TimeOut]

Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, New Moon

New Moon effortlessly sweeps you along in a swirl of intoxicating passion. New Moon has one major flaw, being a supernatural adventure it seems to be packed with too much of romance. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart carry great performance from Twilight. The screenplay at times seems weak but can surely make patient characters stick to their seats.
The movie won’t disappoint the majority of its teenage fans. But it is a let down for many Twilight fans who felt that Catherine Hardwicke who had directed the first flick had improved upon Stephenie Meyer’s novel. New Moon doesn’t seem to justify why Chris Weitz was chosen over Catherine Hardwicke. At 112 minutes of runtime New Moon seems ideal for a romantic tale of this sort. Although no comparison to Twilight, New Moon is certainly a movie worth spending a few bucks on…read more [OneIndia]