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No kissing Edward please.

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Twilight fans have reportedly been banned from kissing a cardboard cutout of Robert Pattinson for fear that they may spread swine flu.
An life-size image of Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen in the saga, has been attracting lustful attention from film followers at the Reel cinema in Crewe.
The Sunday Telegraph reports that employees have now placed a notice on the cutout which reads: “Please help reduce the spread of germs by refraining from giving Edward, or any other character for that matter, a kiss or a hug.”
Reel Cinemas managing director Kailash Suri said that New Moon was sold out for the first week, adding: “The girls were coming in and having their pictures taken. They were getting a bit carried away and in the nicest possible way we said, ‘Don’t kiss him’.”
DigitalSpy via Twilight Lexicon and Robert Pattinson Life

Wolfpack Kiowa Gordon & Alex Meraz greets fans in Florida.

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DNP Random Things

Meet New Moon‘s wolf packers Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon– the chiseled hunks who will give Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner some competition in the beefcake department when the film hits theaters next week.

Meraz, 24 and Gordon, 19, appeared at a meet and greet at an Aventura, Florida Nordstrom Wednesday, on the promotional trail for the highly-anticipated Twilight sequel.

New Moon director Chris Weitz said that the four actors cast in the wolf pack — Meraz, Gordon, Chaske Spencer and Bronson Pelletie — grew closer during the intense workouts required for their sexy, shirtless scenes.

“They went through wolf camp together, and they are in constant training,” Weitz told USA Today. “It paid off as a bonding thing for them and helped them to get to know one another. They drove each other to get more buff.”

Ash & Kellan still at it – Promoting New Moon.

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The New Moon premiere is looming just a few weeks away and unofficial Vampire Ambassadors, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, have been working overtime to get fans excited about the upcoming sequel.

And get excited they did, with 17-year-old Shannon Norris saying of the twosome’s most recent appearance on the New Moon cast tour in Aurora, Illinois, “I thought I was going to pass out there for five seconds.”

And it’s no surprise, since the stunning couple wore blinding smiles and some very dapper outfits. Ashley looked festive in her winter gear and Kellan was a sharp-dressed man in all black.


Rob is getting a new Stoli Tshirt soon…

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THE Original Stoli, control +++ to see the holes under the neckline...


and he doesn’t even know it yet.

Over the past few years months we’ve all noticed the slow and steady destruction of the much loved, much worshiped Stoli Vodka Shirt. What will we do when it finally meets the same fate as men’s underwear and just disintigrates into dust GAH.

What will the sexpenders be without the Stoli? The next thing you know the sexboots will just disappear & all we’ll have left is the shiteous nikes GAH now I’m just talking f*cking crazy.

shipped off a new Stoli Vodka shirt to our baby on behalf of us twitter gals…Jen, FakerParis, Me, Goz, Moon, UC etc… and so starts

RobsNewStoliWatch 2009

More deets after the t-shirt rippin jump…


The Shirt

It's black & in English but it's still HAWT! It’s black & in English but it’s still HAWT! 

The Letter

The Letter from Jen & her twitts The Letter from Jen & her twitts 


The Package (no, not THAT package)

Packaged with love... Packaged with love… 


FedEx wanted $53 to ship the Stoli & since that did not include a BJ for Rob when he got his package, Jen went to USPS instead heehee FedEx wanted $53 to ship the Stoli & since that did not include a BJ for Rob when he got his package, Jen went to USPS instead heehee 

The result?

 Well, the result, we’ll have to wait and see because USPS estimates it will be delivered in 6-10 days. So let the Stoli watch begin!

StoliTravelPics from Jen at

And Pfach tweeted:

So cute! let the Stoli shirt watch officially begins!

Tribute video for Rachelle

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Thanks Twilight Gossip

Nikki hangs out with Tay, stops for pictures with fans.

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Cuteness ensues.

Taylor Lautner
and Nikki Reed back in Vancouver for Twilight Eclipse. Taylor Lautner who has turned into a teenage heart-throb was seen with co star Nikki Reed shopping in downtown Vancouver. Taylor seemed to be getting all the attention as a fan even asked Nikki to take a picture of her and Taylor and not with Nikki.

Awww. Anyone want to give Nikki a hug?
 More pictures? Click HERE.

The Twilight community reacts to Rachelle’s recasting.

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Twilight fans are taking to the internet with their outrage over Summit Entertainment’s public fight with recently replaced Rachelle Lefevre in the third installment of the vampire series. The studio unceremoniously dumped the golden haired actress citing scheduling conflicts, and when she fired back that she was heart broken, stunned and fully committed to the Twilight Saga but for a few days of scheduling conflicts the fledgling studio sent out a harsh response. Controversy sparked as Summit stated that they were not informed until July 20th of Lefevre’s committment to the indie drama “Barney’s Vision,” but The Hollywood Reporter reported her attachment to the film on July 10, 2009. The studio announced on July 28 that Bryce Dallas Howard would be filling the role of Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Twi-hards expressed their outrage to over the lack of respect they precieve Summit to be showing. said “YES WE ARE SO OUTRAGED!!!! There I got that out of my system. I run a TW fansite but I am a Twilight fan first & foremost. I am not concerned about being politically correct where Summit is concerned. Yes I am mad at them & once again feel like the Twilight movie franchise is run by Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb. I think it’s totally unfair! That new movie she is doing is not a major film & from what she said it was a 10 day overlap. Don’t tell me they couldn’t have worked with her on a 10 day overlap. Why does Summit pull this kind of BS? Seriously! Who in their right mind would do something like this? Eclipse was to be the biggest of the 3 films Rachelle would have appeared in & it would have been her last. Filming is scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks! Total fail move by them. Not only is Rachelle so cool & fan friendly, she is a perfect Victoria.”

While the top fan sites admit that they will still go to the theaters to watch their beloved Edward and Bella, many of them were blunt in their criticism of the back and forth between the actress and the studio and the comments numbered in the thousands as fans showed their support for Lefevre.

After Rachelle released her statement first told us “The overwhelming majority of our blog readers over at Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict are crushed by this news and very vocal in their outrage.  They are seeking ways of letting Summit know how upset they are by starting online petitions, letter writing campaigns, and using Twitter to support Rachelle.” However, Summit’s response to Rachelle sparked a very different response from the top fan site “So, now that I’ve had time to digest this diatribe, I am deeply disappointed by Summit’s response. Alright, alrigh, so there was some kind of timing & communications SNAFU, and Rachelle burned some bridges by putting her heart on her sleeve by expressing her disappointment publicly.

So things didn’t work out. Fine. But coming back with a strong-armed bullying response? A little contrition and senstivity would’ve gone a lon way to mitigating fan fervor. Instead, your leter just may hav achieved the opposite. Why knock her when she’s already down? We Twilight fans are still gonna pay to see your damn movie. Geesh.”

Other sites chose to not get involved in the frey – TwilightLexicon told “Casting and recasting is always something we have stayed neutral on whether is was Taylor Lautner and Solomon Trimble being recast, or Catherine Hardwicke being rehired. It’s not that we don’t have feelings for Rachelle. We certainly enjoyed her performance. She’s a classy lady who gives back to fans and is generous to charity. However since we don’t know what was in contracts, what was said at meetings, what verbal understandings were or were not reached, etc. we feel most comfortable staying out of it, reporting the facts as given to us from both sides, and letting the fans judge for themselves.” was diplomatic after reading both statements, but expressed their thoughts that the matter be handled differently. “However, I must express my wish that this matter had been handled more amicably and discreetly, so that both parties were able to make informed decisions. Now, I’m wondering, was Rachelle Lefevre informed that her schedule cannot be accommodated? And, if yes, would she have chosen The Twilight Saga instead of Barney’s Version?”

The one thing that all the sites agree upon is that they’re going to give Bryce Dallas Howard a chance. told us “I, personally, am not mad at Summit Entertainment for replacing Rachelle Lefevre. Things like this happen in the movie industry and we, being fans, just have to go with the flow! 🙂 I’m not saying it’s not going to be weird seeing a different Victoria on screen for Eclipse, Rachelle was the first and original Victoria! Obviously Rachelle was a great and she will be missed! However, I am very excited to see Bryce Dallas Howard’s portrayal of Victoria. I think she can bring something new to the table, another side of the “movie Victoria” we saw in the Twilight movie. I’m definitely willing to give her a chance!”

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the cast will begin shooting Eclipse on August 17 in Vancouver.