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March Is The Month Of Vampires & A Wolf

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Chaske Spencer – AP Photo

The month of March must’ve been rather lucky because it is host to several Twilight stars’ birthdays.

Last week, on March 2nd, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Bryce Dallas Howard celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday. In Eclipse, Howard portrays the bad-girl vampire “Victoria.”

Today, The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Chaske Spencer celebrates his thirty-fifth birthday. Spencer portrays “Sam Uley” in the Twilight series, and he is also a regular on the Twilight convention circuit. Tomorrow, Edi Gathegi (“Laurent”) celebrates his thirty-second, and while his character cannot come back for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, he’s been a loved member of the Twilight series cast since the beginning.

Later on this month, Kellan Lutz (“Emmett Cullen”) will ring in his twenty-fifth year as well. Lutz is enjoying his Twilight celebrity status, it seems, but he continues to be gracious and humble to his fans whenever he comes into contact with them.

So, happy birthday to all of the March-born Twilight stars!



MTV Talks To Kellan, Nikki, Jamie & Edi

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Larry Carroll from MTV is back again today with many members of the New Moon cast including Jamie, Kellan, Nikki and Edi as they answer all kind of questions from their characters to what exactly the google.



Jamie Campbell Bower Q: Have you been able to meet Stephenie Meyer yet?

 Campbell Bower: Yes, she’s fantastic. She’s really lovely. I got to meet with her a couple of days before we started filming and spoke to her about the characters and stuff.

 MTV: What kind of notes did she have for you?

 Campbell Bower: [We spoke about] this idea that [the Volturi] are fairly cultured and very civilized. They’ve been around for 2,000 years, and [Caius] has got this deep-rooted anger in him. That was about it. I mean, we literally just sat down. She didn’t give me any specific notes and such.

 Kellan Lutz

 Q: You and Nikki [Reed] are my favorite characters/couple. I loved how you played them in “Twilight.” Will we see a bit more of their relationship in “New Moon”?

 Lutz: “New Moon” doesn’t really focus on the Cullen family enough. [Our screen time] is just like the kitchen scene in “Twilight,” with the family when Bella comes in with Edward. We try to gravitate towards our significant others as much as we can in the scenes that are allowed. With “New Moon,” there aren’t really too many scenes that we can show Emmett and Rosalie’s relationship.

 MTV: So is it all about sneaking in glances to each other and maybe holding hands at a certain point, that kind of stuff?

 Lutz: Yeah, I guess we sneak as much as we can in there. It’s really how [director] Chris [Weitz] lines us up and what’s better for the lighting, what’s better for the camera. I’m much larger than Nikki, so I don’t want to block her light. If they put us together, great — but then again, Rosalie’s character is more of the standoffish one with Bella, versus Emmett. It’s fine either way, so he’s really happy when he gives the radio to Bella for her birthday and the big hugs and stuff.

 Read more here.

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Halloween With Edi, Alex & Chaske

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Some lucky fans got to spend Halloween with the New Moon castat Harrah’s in Atlantic City Halloween night with Alex Meraz (aka Paul) Chaske Spencer (aka Sam) and Edi Gathegi (aka Laurent).

All the guys look exceptionally gorgeous but none were in costumes….come on guys it was Halloween!   Guests had the option to hire cabanas and hot tubs…..I know who I would have had in my cabana and he wouldn’t have left all night…maybe that’s why they weren’t wearing any costumes as they would have just had to have taken them off!

Check out the rest of the pics here!


Jacob VS Edward

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Why Oh Why Can’t I Be In U.S??

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Yes you have you opportunity to party with the some members of the cast whether you are on the East coast or West coast!

On the East coast in  Harrahs Atlantic City you will have Edi Gathegi, Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz at The Pool After Dark.    Harrahs website states:

You can reserve a cabana or hot tub now!’

I know who I want in my cabana and there will be a big ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign up too! ;-) For more information go to Harrahs website here!

On the West coast Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz will be hosting a party in Tao in Las Vegas. Tao’s website states:

‘1 Ticket, 2 Parties at 2 Venues – Halloween Night. Veuve Clicquot presents Yelloween at TAO and LAVO Nightclubs. Join Twilight Stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz at TAO and HBO’s True Blood Stars Rutina Wesley and Sam Trammell LAVO.

For more information go to the Tao website here!



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The promotional tour and conventions for New Moon continue.  This weekend Daniel Cudmore, Edi Gathegi and Christian Serratos were at the RingCon event in Germany.

*sigh*  Daniel still looking hunky as ever!




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New Moon Promo Pics

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Official New Moon promotional posters have been released of: Bella, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Alex, Jared, Sam, Laurent, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Victoria.

Check out the rest of the pics after the break!