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David Slade got us all excited! 200 days!

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Bryce is a Team Robert!

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From MTV
NEW YORK — When “Spider-Man 3” actress Bryce Dallas Howard was tapped to replace Rachelle Lefevre as vampire Victoria in the third “Twilight” film, “Eclipse,” the 28-year-old didn’t need a last-minute study session to ace her character. She was already a fan of the wildly popular series.

“I had already read the books. I had actually seen ‘Twilight’ several times, much to my husband’s chagrin,” Howard told MTV News while promoting her upcoming release, “The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond.” “Whenever Robert Pattinson would come onscreen, I would grab my husband’s hands and start squeezing, and he’d be like, ‘Stop squeezing my hand!’ ”

Though Howard felt intimidated joining the tight-knit cast so close to the start of production, one of her biggest challenges may have been maintaining continuity between Lefevre’s Victoria and her portrayal of the revenge-bent bloodsucker. While Howard and Lefevre share similar physical traits, including signature flaming-red tresses, Howard put much care toward embodying the already-established character.

“The visual continuity of the character of Victoria is really important because such a distinctive character had been created that the fans and the audience had really connected to,” Howard explained. “She’s really described perfectly in the book. So that’s what’s really important to everybody, that there’s an authenticity to bringing these characters to life. It’s not really an interpretation. It’s like a true representation of what’s written on the page, so that’s obviously incredibly important to preserve.”

Preview of Tay on SNL!

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The official Twilight twitter has been promising fans a “thank you” for helping them reach 200k followers and delivered in the form of an exclusive teaser video and pic for Taylor’s Saturday Night Live appearance!

As much as I heart Taylor (in a very Team Edward kinda way) and think he’ll rock SNL, I gotta say that I was hoping for a lil’ Eclipse somethin’somethin’ … just me?

TwiFans’ Alison points out “We had a trailer for New Moon just weeks after it wrapped. David Slade it’s time!!!!!” – good call, Alison… good call 😉

Thanks Twicrack for pointing that out!!

Digitally remastered Eclipse will hit IMAX theatres 30th June 2010

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Summit Entertainment has announced The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released in both conventional theaters and in IMAX on June 30, 2010. While the film was shot with regular cameras, IMAX is going to digitally re-master the movie with their proprietary IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) technology so it can be shown in IMAX theaters.

With the huge money The Twilight Saga has been making at theaters, it’s no surprise everyone wants it in IMAX. This way, theater owners can charge more for tickets and everyone involved can make more money. It’s just unfortunate that they didn’t film any of the movie using IMAX cameras. Of course, with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn still to be shot, perhaps the final chapter will be a real IMAX release.

You can read the whole press release over at

Bryce on an Eclipse Diet?

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bryce dallas howardIf you’re in any of the Twilight movies you’d better be ready for the insane media frenzy that comes with it.

Taylor Lautner seems to handle it like a champ, even if he’s now trying to be incognito with girlfriend Taylor Swift. And we think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are finally figuring out how to get a grip on all the attention (it helps that they go through it together).

But what about the other stars in the film?

We hear the pressure may be trickling down to press-tour newbie Bryce Dallas Howard

We’re told Rachelle Lefevre‘s replacement is taking precautions to be camera-ready in time for her close-ups.

A source close to the redheaded starlet says she is trying to drop 20 pounds in time for the Eclipse press tour, scheduled around the June 2010 release date. The method, our in-the-know insider spills, is a detox cleanse requiring her to avoid all oils—in her system and on the exterior of her body. 

“Bryce began her detox about two weeks ago, and it will last about 40 days,” says our source with intimate knowledge on the sitch. “She does this twice a year to get rid of all the bad toxins in her body, and of course, as a weight-loss system. She is starting to diet early because she knows the press tour is going to be grueling and that a lot of the media focus and attention will be on her.”

Howard’s rep denies she is doing this extreme of a cleanse.

“Bryce is not looking to lose 20 pounds,” says her rep, Stephen Huvane. “She does cleanse from time to time, but the one you describe is not at all what she has done in the past or has any plans to do.”

Still, Howard’s pal insists she has started the diet, which prohibits her from consuming any oil products and from using any oil based beauty supplements—including lip gloss!

“It would be hard for the average person to do it, but once Bryce sets her mind to something, she does it.”

But Howard, 28, is very careful to keep her diet safe. The insider adds that she has always been health-conscious and was previously a strict vegan, but switched to a vegetarian diet in 2006 while she was pregnant.

“Bryce is always taking precautionary steps for her heath since her schedule is consistently nonstop,” says our source. “She can’t afford to be sick while working 16-hour days.”

We think BDH is a beautiful girl—no need to drop 20 pounds sweetie! For any of these gals who feel stressed just think: You get to work with R.Pattz for years to come.

Take your frustrations out in other ways. We’re sure Kristen is!


Eclipse still!

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A HQ version of the Eclipse still of Bel-ward we’ve seen a while ago.Beautiful isnt it?

Kellan prefers Eclipse to New Moon!

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Twilight star, Kellan Lutz, really, REALLY wants to be an action star and is doing his best to market himself appropriately. And this is why he’s way more excited about the premiere of Eclipse, as opposed to New Moon.

Lutz gushes to E! Online, “Eclipse is a masculine movie. I love it. All the stunts I was able to do by myself. It’s an action movie!”

Speaking of action movies, Kellan has his sights set on Matt Damon‘s career. He says, “I want to be Jason Bourne…and take over that franchise. I love doing stunts and shooting guns and doing fight scenes.”

One franchise at a time, Kellan.