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Billy Burke Launches Website

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Billy Burke – AP Photo

If there is one nearly universally shared quality of the cast of the Twilight series, it’s possession of the musical bone.

A couple of days ago, we learned that Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Billy Burke (“Charlie Swan” in the series) plans to release some of his music this summer and that he intends to reward his fans’ dedication with a free copy of the first single from his album.

As Burke promised on his Twitter page, he announced the launch of his first official website today, allowing his fans to sign up for an exclusive, free song download to come in the near future.

On the website, (now listed on the list of official cast, etc. websites), Burke tells a bit about his inspiration, Tom Waits.

As I merged from the onramp onto I-5 South on that typically drizzly afternoon, the voice coming through the Cadillac’s single speaker was one that had long since altered my musical perception and therefore took the place of honor as co-pilot on my journey. The title on the dilapidated cassette tape was “Small Change” by the guru of involuntary solitude and ironic disenchantment– Tom Waits. While the rest of the world was being falsely introduced to what would become known as “grunge”, I would choose to stick with the guy that in my opinion, wrote the book on the elements that movement came from. It’s music like his and other troubadour poets like him that would greatly influence what I did as a musician, if I could ever find the time, dedication and fortitude to actually BE one.

Burke recounted how he pulled into L.A. with the intention of being both a musician and an actor, but as time went on the acting portion took precedent (as far as the public is concerned, at least) though he never stopped writing music.

So here, on the precipice of two decades into what was always intended to be a “duel career”, I am about to share with you what was supposed to be the FIRST half, but has now become the second…

With the exception of a couple of very special guest musicians whom I’m beyond elated to have coming in, initial tracking for my first LP is now complete. We’ve got some mixing and mastering yet to do but we’re almost there.

At the risk of sounding all squishy and sentimental, this venture has been a long time coming for me, so I really would like to thank you all in advance for coming along…

You can read the full story on Billy Burke’s new website!



Billy Burke To Join TV Series?

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Billy Burke – AP Photo

Yesterday, it was announced that TNT gave the official greenlight to three new television series, including one which will feature The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Billy Burke.

The show will be entitled Rizzoli & Isles, and it will also star Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, The Sopranos alum Lorraine Bracco, Lee Thompson Young, and others.

Burke will portray “FBI agent Gabriel Dean” in the series, and the series will follow the stories put forth by Tess Gerritsen’s line of mystery novels – a detective and a medical examiner, who work together to solve crimes.

This year, two of Burke’s films, Shadow Play and Highland Park, will also make their way to theaters.


One For Team Charlie

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Absolutely precious picture of Eclipse actor Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) with his beautiful little girl!


Finally We Hear The Team Charlie!

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Finally — for all of you out there who are lovin’ the cop stash now you can sport your very own Team Charlie Shirt! Nice!


Billy Burke Interview

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Hollywood 411 spends time with THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON star Billy Burke. Billy discusses how this movie differs from the first and hints about the next installment in the franchise. He also talks about his new movie HIGHLAND PARK.

New Moon Deleted Scenes Stills

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There are a couple New Moon movie stills that appear in the New Moon Illustrated Companion book that do NOT appear in the movie.  One is a possible scene of Edward, Alice and Charlie maybe after they come back from Italy. Could it be when Charlie tells Edward not to step through their door after they carry a very sleepy Bella to her room?

The other still is of Victoria driving in a car with a couple of ’snacks’, driving fast and reminiscences about James.  If you read the New Moon script, it was in there.  Apparently screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg loved writing that part for Victoria too.

Did anyone also notice in the trailer when Alice says “You’re a human, who knows entirely too much about us. They can kill us all” is NOT in the movie either?

I’m hoping the New Moon DVD will have ALL these deleted scenes.


Billy Burke & Anna Kendrick On GMTV

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