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Twilight Inspired Baby Names

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This Year's Top Baby Names are 'Twilight' Inspired!

Babies born in 2009 or 2010 may have Twilight to thank for their names!

According to a report by the Social Security Administration, “Isabella” is the top name for baby girls and “Jacob” is the most popular for boys.

“Cullen” also jumped up 297 spots and was the name with the biggest jump, while “Edward” moved up 11 spots.

FYI: “Miley” and “Jonas” were both popular last year but have since dropped on the charts.

Check out the complete list at the Social Security website – you can even see how your own name ranks!



Eclipse Promo Pic

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Summit Entertainment recently released this brand new promo photo featuring Edward, Bella and Jacob from the upcoming film “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

Eclipse Promo Photo


Jacob & Bella in a car.

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For all the wolf gals, this will be the best day of the week! Bella & Jacob look each other in the eyes longingly.

You’re welcome.

Illustrated book guide: Forks,Washington.

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Twilight Tours Illustrated Book Tourist Guide Forks

In coordination with the Forks Chamber of Commerce, there is a new illustrated guide to visiting the real Forks, Washington–the home of Bella and the gang in Twilight and New Moon.

The book is 112 full-color pages and is available now for pre-order in either hardback (~$14) or paperback (~$9) for release on August 1st.

Thanks newmoonmovie!

Check This Out…

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How can one not anticipate such awesomeness?


According to the Pretty, as Leni would call him, he had four days left on the New Moon shoot till he is done with his part in the movie. Meanwhile, his other half, Edward’s half rather, Bella aka Kristen Stewart was seen in Vancouver on the way to a hair appointment.

Kristen Stewart

Here in humid Singapore, I am possibly running late for an interview. Been chewing this gum for hours and now my mouth is tired. Everyday seems like an anticipation for now. An anticipation for a job offer. While it is tiring, I’m not one to give up. A job is a step to L.A just like a dream is a step to reality. With that, I’m off.

Mrs Jacob Black (Farah, yes I’m indecisive)