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Dakota Taking A Tour Of NYU

Posted in Movies, Random with tags on May 3, 2010 by chasingcullens

Dakota Fanning touched down at LAX last night after a quick trip to NYC. The 16-year-old was spotted taking a tour around NYU, as the homecoming queen starts thinking about life beyond high school. While Dakota was off exploring colleges, her Eclipse costars like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner reconvened in Vancouver to start reshoots on the film — think you can tell the difference between images from the third Twilight film and New Moon? Test your knowledge with our new game!



SNL Still Wants Rob

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'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson – AP Photo

For a while now, the hope’s been strong that The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Remember Me star Robert Pattinson might test out his on-stage charisma with Saturday Night Live.

However, back in November, Pattinson himself talked to MTV about the idea of an SNL appearance, and he wasn’t too keen on it.

“I’m terrified of doing stuff like that,” he revealed. “It’s really putting yourself out there . . . and if you’re not funny then it’s like, ‘Woah, God why did that guy do that . . . I’d love to write an episode, with a guide, I mean that would be fun,” he concluded.

Apparently, SNL‘s creator Lorne Michaels is still interested in seeing Pattinson take the host spot for the show though because, according to The Wrap, Michaels stated “We asked him this season … And then he did Jimmy’s show and that went well for him.”


Billy Burke Launches Website

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Billy Burke – AP Photo

If there is one nearly universally shared quality of the cast of the Twilight series, it’s possession of the musical bone.

A couple of days ago, we learned that Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Billy Burke (“Charlie Swan” in the series) plans to release some of his music this summer and that he intends to reward his fans’ dedication with a free copy of the first single from his album.

As Burke promised on his Twitter page, he announced the launch of his first official website today, allowing his fans to sign up for an exclusive, free song download to come in the near future.

On the website, (now listed on the list of official cast, etc. websites), Burke tells a bit about his inspiration, Tom Waits.

As I merged from the onramp onto I-5 South on that typically drizzly afternoon, the voice coming through the Cadillac’s single speaker was one that had long since altered my musical perception and therefore took the place of honor as co-pilot on my journey. The title on the dilapidated cassette tape was “Small Change” by the guru of involuntary solitude and ironic disenchantment– Tom Waits. While the rest of the world was being falsely introduced to what would become known as “grunge”, I would choose to stick with the guy that in my opinion, wrote the book on the elements that movement came from. It’s music like his and other troubadour poets like him that would greatly influence what I did as a musician, if I could ever find the time, dedication and fortitude to actually BE one.

Burke recounted how he pulled into L.A. with the intention of being both a musician and an actor, but as time went on the acting portion took precedent (as far as the public is concerned, at least) though he never stopped writing music.

So here, on the precipice of two decades into what was always intended to be a “duel career”, I am about to share with you what was supposed to be the FIRST half, but has now become the second…

With the exception of a couple of very special guest musicians whom I’m beyond elated to have coming in, initial tracking for my first LP is now complete. We’ve got some mixing and mastering yet to do but we’re almost there.

At the risk of sounding all squishy and sentimental, this venture has been a long time coming for me, so I really would like to thank you all in advance for coming along…

You can read the full story on Billy Burke’s new website!


Alex Meraz Surf’s Up Jessica Szohr With Trevor Donovan

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Alex Meraz: Rock Your Shine OP Campaign!

Alex Meraz and Trevor Donovan helps Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr up on a surfboard as they shoot for the 2010 “Rock Your Shine” OP campaign for Walmart.

Joined by Glee stars Cory Monteith, Dianna Argon and singer Cassie, the six took part in a summer block party, hanging out in a hammock, barbequing and getting ready to go surfing.

Jessica shared about the clothes she was modeling off, “The latest trend for spring is shine and Op has it first. The clothes are so great; especially the amazing bikinis and shorts.”


Robert Pattinson’s Wax Figure Sneak Peek

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Ashley Greene All Smiles

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Ashley Greene & Tom Felton: Those Crazy Franchise Fans

After getting her hair did earlier, Ashley Greene shows off her new longer extensions as she cools down with an iced coffee in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (March 20).

The 23-year-old actress spent a full day at a photo shoot. Ashley recently dished to MTV about comparing notes with The Apparition costar Tom Felton on their huge franchise followings.

Ashley shared, “We’re both not very familiar with each others’ films. I was never a huge Harry Potter watcher and I don’t think he’s watched Twilight, [but] we’re both very aware of the effect that they’ve had and how crazy it is.”

She did admit, though, “We did compare the difference between how big Harry Potter is in the UK versus how big Twilight is in the UK and LA and the difference between those two, because he can actually walk around in LA whereas I can’t, and it’s flipped anywhere in the Europe. I can walk around and nobody cares who I am, but he can’t step out his front door.”


Ashley’s Getting Her Hair Done

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Ashley Greene: Hair Salon Hottie

Ashley Greene gets her hair done at a salon in Santa Monica, Calif., on Friday afternoon (March 19).

Before stopping in at the salon, the 23-year-old actress was seen grabbing some lunch at KFC. Yummy!

Ashley caught up with Cinematical at the 2010 SXSW Film Festival and opened up about what she did to prepare for her role as Michelle in Skateland.

She shared, “I spoke to my mother a lot; I look so much like my mother in this, it’s crazy. It was really fun. I definitely talked to her and asked her about it, because I was born in the later part of the ’80s so I missed out on it. She was into the roller skating thing a little bit. But you know, my character doesn’t really get to roller skate as much, that’s more a Ritchie Wheeler-Shiloh Fernandez kind of thing, but it was fun to observe and be around. The thing about the character is, once you have the rollers in your hair and you have the hair and make-up on and the clothes, it really puts you in that place and you get to live in the ’80s for a short period of time.”