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Justin Chon Wants Your Vote

Posted in Eclipse, New Moon, twilight with tags on January 20, 2010 by chasingcullens

“Twilight” actor Justin Chon wants your vote.

The film star is promoting CPAF, the Center For The Pacific Asian Family,” and hopes “Twilight” fans will lend their support in the Chase Community Giving contest.

Through Facebook, fans can vote for CPAF to win against 99 other charities for $1 million. The winners will be announced Saturday, Jan. 23. CPAF aids Asian Pacific Islanders who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Naturally, Justin also took the time to talk a little “Twilight,” specifically, “Eclipse,” which he says will be filled with “a lot more action and a lot more lovin.'”

Justin, who plays Bella’s human high school friend Eric in “Twilight,” is just the latest “Twilight” star to speak out for charity like Robert Pattinson. Other Asian stars who’ve done PSAs for CPAF include “Star Trek’s” John Cho, “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Sandra Oh and Archie Kao from “CSI.”

The Chase Community Giving contest makes it easy for the average, non-rich person (read: “Twilight” fan) to make a difference because all it takes to help is a few clicks of the mouse.