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Latest On Breaking Dawn

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Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
Steve Granitz/Getty Images, Dave Hogan/Getty Images, Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Enough Nonsten nonsense stuff, let’s take a quick break to go back to the whole damn thing that made Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the gang: the movies.

People get so wrapped up in these kids’ private lives, we forget there’s still tons of fun drama happening inside our favorite studio that brings The Twilight Saga to life!

Deep Twi tells us there is no director set yet for Breaking Dawn because no one can decide on whether it’s going to be one movie or two.

It seems that series mastermind Stephenie Meyer and Summit have slightly different agendas on that one…

“Stephenie is calling the shots,” our mole tells us, “and she still can’t decide whether or not [making two movies] is the right thing to do creatively.”

Deep Twi insists that everything—including splitting Breaking Dawn into two films—is run by Meyer (after all she penned the friggin’ thing).

“Both sides have very different agendas,” ‘fesses our insider.

See, here’s the breakdown…

Stephenie doesn’t need the money, so what does she care? It’s double the work to split this film up.

Adds our source:

“Meyer isn’t in it for the fame. She hates doing press, and she doesn’t want to be recognized for anything other than her work, so what’s her incentive to drag [the book] out?”

Of course, we’re assured she does want to please the fans, but isn’t four films enough?

Summit is doing its best to “politely inspire” Stephenie to greenlight the two-flick route. For them, double the work equals double the money. Studios care more about that green stuff than an out-of-nowhere millionaire housewife.

“The right creative solution” is the term everyone is bantering about over at the studio, when basically, it’s all about trying to convince Meyer to do it.

Says Deep Twi:

“They keep trying to persuade her it’s the right thing to do artistically. They’re constantly waiting for her input.”

Jeez, is it actually harder for a devout Mormon to whore out her creative baby than, say, a reported Protestant like J.K. Rowling, who certainly had no difficulties milking the Harry Potter flicks for all they were worth?

Oh, and Steph, just some more food for thought: If you put the kibosh on an extra Twilight film, Twi-hards are going to have your rich little booty for din-din! Trust us, you’ll be skinned alive, diced, fried and then flambéed alive.

These are fans you do not want to disappoint.



Tyson Houseman Interview

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Tyson Houseman in ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ – Summit Ent.

Tyson Houseman, who portrays “Quil Ateara” in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is more than just an actor – he’s an artist, through and through.

Houseman took the time to speak to me about that fact, as well as his work in the  Twilight series films.

For starters, Houseman revealed that there really was some coalescence between the on-screen relationship between he and his wolfpack co-stars and that which existed off-screen.

Said he, “The relationship between myself and my cast members really did reflect the relationship of the characters, because when we filmed New Moon, I was the only character who was not yet part of the wolfpack, and so I had a different shooting schedule and different costume work and hair and make up etc. While we all became friends, I still did not get to see the rest of the guys as much as they did, and so they all had a bit more of a bonding experience than I did. Although during the filming of Eclipse, my character is part of the pack and so I got to spend a lot more time with the guys.”

Though becoming a part of the Twilight series meant he was photographed by paparazzi and fans even before the initial casting announcement was released, he tries not to let it get into his head. “At first I really didn’t know what to think about it, and I felt that I didn’t deserve that kind of attention. I try not to let stuff like that get to me, it’s very important to me to stay grounded and stay true to myself,” he said.

Houseman revealed that, in staying true to himself, his real passion is in the world of arts, generally. Houseman talked about his background and current involvement in the arts, saying that he’d been “drawing and painting since [he] was a little kid.” “All throughout grade school, my notebooks had more doodles in them than actual notes. Art is an extremely important part of my life. I see art everywhere and in everything. I think that’s why I also enjoy photography so much, because I can find a certain type of beauty in everything that I see, and I need to capture that beauty. But as an artist, I try to be as ranged as possible. Acting is an art and it is also something I really enjoy. After I went to the open casting call for New Moon and got the part, I felt that an amazing opportunity was given to me, and how could I turn that down? This has opened up so many doors for me, and I plan on following through with it,” Houseman continued.

Being a part of the Twilight franchise, too, has offered Houseman a bit of heritage-based pride. “It makes me really proud of the fact that they were so specific about casting actors with Native backgrounds,” he said.

As a cast member for both New Moon and Eclipse, it had to be asked whether Tyson Houseman had any preference between the two directors (Chris Weitz for New Moon and David Slade for Eclipse). “I had no preference when it came to the directors, but I did enjoy that they both worked differently because it gave me the chance to get a more diverse look at the actor-director relationship and how a director works.” As for who he’d like to work with in the future? “One director that I would love to work with is Wes Anderson. He is a director that has a unique style that I really like.”


Anna Kendrick Is One Of The 3 Ladies To Watch In 2010

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We think that 2010 will be the year these three ladies break through — whether it’s on your radio, your television or the big screen, you will be hearing or seeing a lot more from these talented women in the next 12 months. Let us introduce you to Ke$ha, Lea Michele and Anna Kendrick.

Age: 22
Hails From: Los Angeles by way of Nashville
In 2009: Ke$ha collaborated with Diddy on the hit single “Tik Tok” and the duo ruled the airwaves.
Why She’ll Be Huge in 2010: Ke$ha’s sassy first single, “Tik Tok,” made history by racking up the most digital downloads in one week for a female artist. Her debut album, Animal, is poised to hit the top of the charts and she is hitting the road this summer with artists like Sarah McLachlan and her idol, Emmylou Harris, on the recently re-launched Lilith Fair.
Choice Quote: “I think any girl — and hopefully guys too — can relate to the record. I talk about pretty much anything — you name it. … I think that throughout the album, what I’m really proud of — I think every song you can tell it’s me,” she said about Animal. “It’s all really honest, almost to a fault, and really genuine.”

Lea Michele
Age: 23
Hails From: Bronx, New York
In 2009: When “Glee” debuted on Fox, Michele made everyone want to sing in the choir.
Why She’ll Be Huge in 2010: The quirky comedy quickly became everyone’s favorite TV show and found its leading lady in Michele, who plays the über-talented and ambitious Rachel Berry. Her ability to both act and belt out show tunes and pop songs has garnered Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Michele.
Choice Quote: “I feel like I’d be getting to work out at the gym with the best trainer in the world,” she said about really wanting to get Adam Lambert on “Glee.” “You want to work out with someone who’s ripped and is going to train you well. That’s what I think about when I think of Adam Lambert. I just think he’s awesome.”

Anna Kendrick
Age: 24
Hails From: Portland, Maine
In 2009: She supported Bella Swan in the incredibly successful sequel to “Twilight,” “New Moon.” And she got to live the dream and travel around the country with George Clooney in “Up in the Air.”
Why She’ll Be Huge in 2010: Well, thanks to her supporting role in “Up in the Air,” Kendrick is up for a Golden Globe and has a few people talking Oscar. She’ll be seen in the next “Twilight Saga” installment, “Eclipse,” and is set to star alongside Michael Cera in the hotly anticipated “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.”
Choice quote: “I want to learn to play pool,” she revealed about her life goal. “I don’t want to be one of those chicks in a bar that needs her boyfriend to set up a shot for her.”


New Moon Stars Reacts To Avatar

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‘Avatar’ – Twentieth Century-Fox

The buzz on Avatar continues to sound, even past the film reaching the $1 billion mark in ticket sales. Avatar was released on December 18th in the U.S., and already it has earned over $1.3 billion on the world market.

Clearly, then, the film has reached the far corners of the world and has made a very blue mark upon its viewers.

The cast of The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is no exception, and they’ve been tweeting about the film here and there.

Here is a round-up of what the Twilight cast has been saying about Avatar:

  • “Avatar was like watching the entire history of the Americas in 3 hours except it ended differently.” Alex Meraz
  • “Went to see Avatar yesterday. Me likey. X” Jamie Campbell Bower
  • “Nice flick.” Gil Birmingham
  • “AVATAR! James Cameron is one of the greats.” Kiowa Gordon
  • “Just got LOST in Avatar” Charlie Bewley
  • “how does the chipmunks beat avatar in the box office” Justin Chon
  • “wait for James Cameron to do Av[a]tar 2! Av[a]tar was soo frikin amazing….please hire me!!!” Daniel Cudmore

Interesting responses, huh?


Ashley Out In L.A

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Ashley Greene is Leopard Bag Beautiful

Ashley Greene keeps chatting on her phone as she stops off to visit a friend in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (January 10).

JJJ recently chatted with the 22-year-old actress last week and got the scoop on her new character Michelle in Skateland. Be sure to check back soon for more of our interview!

Ashley tweeted before she returned to LA from NYC, “I love NYC but it’s 20 something here! Excited to be heading back home to LA. Land of sunshine and palm trees!”


Anna Kendrick On Ellen

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Chaske Spencer Features In More Than One Magazine

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Chaske Spencer – AP Photo

Once, twice, three times a magazine star . . . That’d be the case for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Chaske Spencer right now.

He’s currently featured in three publications, and they all offer something a little unique.

For starters, he is on the cover of New Tribe Magazine. In the issue, a special feature surrounding the impact that the Twilight saga has upon the Native American community highlights the opportunity that the saga has given to its cast to shed light on the real history and present-day circumstances of the culture(s).

The Native American New Moon actors Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer have confessed that New Moon is a new type of History in Hollywood concerning Native Americans, where they are finally able to
shed many of the previous Hollywood stereotypes concerning indigenous tribes.

You can find out more about the Tribe Magazine feature here, including how to download the issue.

Spencer is also featured in University Link Magazine and Ink Magazine. In the former, Spencer talks a great deal about how he was able to come into the mentality of “Sam Uley” for the films, and, in the latter, he did a quick Q&A session where his answers varied from several sentences to a couple of words. Notably, in Ink, he states that his favorite scene to film in New Moon was his kissing scene with co-star Tinsel Korey (“Emily Young”).