Kellan Lutz’s TYPE!

His Type:
Kellan loves to play the superhero. He tends to have a penchant for damsels in distress so he can be their problem solver. However, who he falls for and what is good for him has still yet to be reconciled. Chances are he is going to ultimately fall for a mommy type, a lady with an iron fist that he is a bit scared of, as that is the kind of challenge that can keep him strong in a manner suitable for relationships. He’s also turned on by being a part of a power couple, as his ambition is intense. He isn’t going to fall in love just to have a cuddle buddy. No, he’s looking for a red carpet showstopper with whom he can build an empire. To him, image is everything and unless she has the total package from the outside in—someone who can open bigger doors—he’s not going to trade in his freedom anytime soon.

For more *uncensored* info on Kellan Lutz, visit .  Reminder – it’s uncensored.


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