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Summit to fans: Save your twitter breath.

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Rachelle Lefevre Larry Busacca/Getty Images

“I don’t think so.”

—A key Summit player’s response when we asked if the Twitter petition Twilight fans are waging in an effort to save fired Rachelle Lefevre in her role as Victoria would get her reinstated.

Clearly, Lefevre’s attempt to get time off from her Eclipse duties to do another film, Barney’s Version, did not go over well. Lefevre’s side of the battling story, as our colleague Marc Malkin scooped, states plainly it’s Summit just trying to get out of paying her upped salary for the third installment in the Twilight saga.

On the other corporate bitchy hand, Summit claims Lefevre withheld notification about doing the film (which has a conflicting shoot schedule) and is being “uncooperative” as a result.

Well, that’s just what Summit’s saying on the record.

What are those involved in the studio fracas saying privately?

“Rachelle, to her credit, drew the first blood,” bitched a key player involved in the nasty situation. “So no matter what Summit says, they look like the bad guy.”

Score one for crafty Rachelle!

What about that amazing and dedicated Twi fan base, we asked the Summit insider? You know, that impressively forceful, online contingency that’s been screaming for Lefevre’s rehiring ever since the news first broke?

“Because the fan base is so passionate,” our studio know-it-all replied, “any change [is one] they feel they need to be consulted on.”

Bitchy! OK, so we guess Summit isn’t too interested in maintaining nicey, nicey with anybody right now, huh? But remember, they said Rachelle started it all, so, of course, they’re in lousy moods, right?

“You have no idea,” sasses Deep Twi. “Everyone started freaking out when they saw how Rachelle was going to spin this. Execs were prepared to play nice but were ‘stunned’ when they saw Rachelle’s statement. So you can scratch the playing nice part.”

We asked DT one more time if there’s any hope Lefevre can reprise her role in the third film, after hearing all the fan outrage and such.

“After this public mess? I think that’s a no.”

So there you have it.

Jeez, Summit, you might not want to bite the hand that feeds you (the fans). And yes, pun very much intended.

What say you, Twilight lovers out there?

Ted C


Robsten Magic.

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The picture says so much.No words needed.

Thanks RobstenLovers.

K.S: The bracelet stays put!

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Okay one of our bestie readers Nikki is a genius and found this pic on socialitelife of KStew on set today pushing up her bracelet because she wasn’t taking it off!!! AWWWW…she like really wants to wear that thing…

Thanks RobstenLovers.

What do we have here? The infamous black bracelet!

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Well, well, it looks like KStew is still sporting the little black bracelet we saw both her and Rob wearing the beginning of the week! This is another pic that surfaced from her on set today! It will be interesting to see if Rob still has his on when we see him next!
 Thanks RobstenLovers.

Christian: Twilight cast are a beautiful lot.

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Christian Serratos

Well, when I got the call for [Twilight], I didn’t think anything of it, really, I just thought it was a film. But I thought, being an actor, I should do my homework, so I got the books, and I started reading them, and they said that every single character in this book was beautiful. So I was like, wow, this is going to be the set of the most beautiful people in the world. And it is.”

Twilight castmember Christian Serratos, who plays Bella’s friend Angela, at the Paper Heart premiere in L.A.

We also asked what Christian thought about Rob and Kristen:

“I don’t know much about them except for what the tabloids tell me.” But, when we asked about Robsten’s on-set secrecy, she laughed nervously and skipped to the next question. How very Billy Burke of her.

Oh Nikki darling,you didn’t just say that!

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It’s a question we find ourselves asking quite often. Just WHAT makes us so darn attracted to New Moon star Robert Pattinson?

Is it that chiseled face, his tousled locks, his brilliant smile, or the kindness he shows his fans?

Not quite, at least according to Twilight saga co-star Nikki Reed.

Last night, she told People that she knows the 23-year-old actor’s secret. “Rob is sort of feminine looking and I think young girls like boys that look like women,” she said.

Hmm…well he’s already got the dressing like a woman part down!

RPattz fans, we want to hear your opinions: Do you think Rob really does look like a girly-man?


Kristen Stewart’s one busy girl!

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Flythru Bag

She’s dressed head-to-toe in black leather — not exactly your standard jogging outfit — but that didn’t slow Kristen Stewart down on the set of The Runaways in Los Angeles Thursday. The Twilight hottie was shooting one of her final scenes as Joan Jett in the biopic about the iconic 1970s girl band, The Runaways.

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Kristen will soon be hitting the hairdresser and turning herself back to Bella Swan.  Shooting on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse begins next month in Vancouver.