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The Villain Speaks In Brisbane

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3014825137_410606c190The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s baddest vampress Victoria, formerly known as Rachelle Lefevre (kidding) recently sat down and discussed Twilight, the fans, and much more with the Brisbane Times in this video.

Expressing her undying appreciation for Twilight fans and her experience in being in the Twilight saga, Lefevre also goes into her life post-Twilight. Particularly interesting is Lefevre’s discussion of appreciation for both the book series and Stephenie Meyer’s take on the vampire world and how she fought to get her part as Victoria.

About New Moon, too, Lefevre dishes that there will be more Victoria than we saw in the book – specifically, the journey that Victoria goes through in getting to Bella in Eclipse.

See the video here.

SOURCE: Twilight Examiner


Kellan Steps Out

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2949366714_55c8921401Earlier this month, we told you about the Twilight Fans Cruise that is setting sail next year in Alaska. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz were previously signed on to go on the cruise, but as a result of an apparent work commitment, Kellan Lutz is now unable to attend. The good news? Another New Moon cast member has replaced him. Read Twilight Fans Cruise’s statement below for more:

We were just notified that due to a film commitment Kellan Lutz will not be able to sail on our Alaska Twilight Cruise in 2010. We will try to have him on our 2011 cruise. We have replaced Kellan with Alex Meraz who plays Paul in “New Moon”. Even though the actors have signed contracts to go on the cruise… they have the right to cancel due to a work commitment. We are currently working on signing two other actors so that we will have 4 on the cruise. Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to a truly wondrous time in Alaska next summer.

For more information about the cruise, click here.

This is really unfortunate news, but it’s nice to hear not only that Alex has replaced Kellan, but that they are looking into getting two addition actors on the cruise. Hopefully this won’t upset too many Twilighters!

Awww I would be slightly upset but if a wolf is joining in then the upset is gone. It’s not as if being upset will bring Kellan back in.

Source: TwilightAnonymous

Is New Moon Inspiring A Remake?

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Seems like it! reports:-

Another day, another remake. Here we go again. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Dimension Films has picked up the remake rights to An American Werewolf in London from writer/director John Landis himself. Even if you haven’t seen An American Werewolf in London, you probably already know that it is a classic monster movie that not many other werewolf movies have ever come close to living up to. But with the success of Twilight (which will have werewolves starting with New Moon) and Sony’s Underworld franchise, it looks like The Weinstein Company might want their own big, bad, scary werewolf movie, too.

This news isn’t official, as Bloody Disgusting is only saying that one of their “regular tipsters” informed them that the rights had ended up at Dimension Films, so take this as a rumor for now. We know that The Weinstein Company is hurting, but are they really so desperate that they need to remake a classic like this? As stated by a commenter on BD: “Why remake a film like that. Do something like The Howling, where it can actually be improved upon. Werewolf in London is damn near perfect.” I couldn’t agree more. But let’s not focus on the bad, let’s focus on the good – An American Werewolf in London was a fantastic movie.

Update: Following their original scoop on Sunday, Bloody Disgusting contacted John Landis to try and get confirmation. “Brad – Yes, Dimension is now in negotiation for the An American Werewolf in London remake rights. Perhaps someone will make a brilliant movie out of it,” Landis told them. So there you have it, it’s confirmed and is definitely happening. Additionally, both Variety and THR reported the news on Monday afternoon, making it all the more official. Producers Sean and Bryan Furst, who most recently made the vampire movie Daybreakers for Lionsgate, are developing this project for The Weinstein Company.

Volturi Spin-Off??

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An idea like that is definitely appealing. Wonder if they could pull it just like Interview With The Vampire style. Definitely awesome.

ITVWRecently radaronline did an interview with the producers of Twilight who accepted the film’s Vision Award.

They discussed the fame Robert Pattinson is going through right now and how none of them actually envied him. They also went on discussing the books and the films. While they did admit to a Volturi spin off, they did not deny it either leaving the windows of possibilities open. Then again, it all depends on the success this franchise is bringing in.

One of the producers, Guy Oseary, even admitted to New Moon being his favourite of the Twilight sagas. Same as mine!

Check out the interview here.

Pretty in Brown

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I ain’t got nothing to say. Let’s just drool okay…




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Enthusiastic mom, wife, Twilight blogger Jessica, recently came up with the most fabulous idea: a Twilight-inspired baby shower. Jessica dug up links for Twilight- themed bibs and onesies, perfect for that “Remembering Renesme” theme.

A woman with a Twilight obsession which expands past teens and tweens to encompass the birthing of babies must be a fascinating subject. And indeed, she is. In fact, Jessica, 27, simply embodies the soul of nearly every woman enamored with the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson, or Robward, a familiar term amongst female fans. Her transformation rings all too familiar:
“I picked up Twilight and literally could not put the books down. I read them all in like 2.5 weeks; my husband was SO annoyed. The house was a disaster, I practically ignored everyone in the house, kids included, until I finished. I was sucked in.”
Like many women who begin blogging, Jessica was inspired by the elusive TwiCrack Addict. “I love blogging about all things Twilight and Rob related,” she says about her blog, My TwiLife. “I am totally obsessed. I actually think I might have a problem, it has been suggested.”
Regarding Robert Pattinson, Jessica mirrors the words of women heard daily on the net:
“There are no words good enough to describe him so I won’t even try. Webster should probably just make a whole new set of adjectives specifically for Rob and his amazingness. I fell in love with him.”
Jessica says that just when you think you’re alone in your obsession new Twilight friends pop up constantly around the web, which is a blessing, considering her children are too small to discuss Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. “My kids are 3 and 16 months so no, they have not read Twilight…do they have Twilight for Toddlers?”


Thanks robstenlovers!

Ashley Greene on E!

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293.greene.ashley.060309E! caught up with Twilight Saga: New Moon star Ashley Greene at the Vision Awards with a brief interview.

Why do you think fans either need Rob and Kristen or you and Jackson to be together, or need you to be apart?

I think maybe part of it is the fans see that relationship onscreen and want it to be real, which is great for all of us to hear because at least we’re doing a good job portraying the fact that we’re absolutely enamored with each other. And of course, there’s real chemistry there. On the other extreme, it’s usually because they really just don’t like one of us!

That’s so candid! And true probably.
People usually think one person is better than the other.

Do you guys ever see comment boards where fans, shall we say, express their feelings about all you guys?
Oh sure. I mean, I’ve heard “Ashley is so not good enough for Jackson,” and I’m like, oh my God!

Rob and Kristen get a lot of that too…
Yeah, they get a lot of “No, he can’t date her.”

Does it get to you guys?
We can’t let it! We’re all just like, all right whatever!

Personally, I would rather Ashley date Kellan if such pairings do happen on set. I think they would make an awesome couple.